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Reading Habits Book Tag

Hello readers! I have another tag post for y’all today. I made a big list of tags I want to do, so they will become a regular occurrence on my blog again. I am absolutely getting back into blogging and reading after 10 months of slumping. This tag was originally created by a Booktuber namedContinue reading “Reading Habits Book Tag”

Autumn New Releases 2022

Hello readers! Today’s post is all about the books coming out this fall that I’m excited to read ASAP. I’ve been doing well in 2022 by actually reading the books on these lists. I did not do that in 2021! I don’t have many for this season, but there is a few I’m excited toContinue reading “Autumn New Releases 2022”

Autumnal Unhaul

Hello readers! Today is my first unhaul of 2022. I don’t unhaul books often, but I just had a feeling lately that I needed to get rid of some books. Unhauling books is almost more satisfying than hauling them. I have 14 books to unhaul today. I think most of you will be surprised toContinue reading “Autumnal Unhaul”

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