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Bookoplathon Wrap Up

Hello readers! Today I am wrapping up the 6 books I read for Bookoplathon. I almost finished 7 books, but I was super tired at the end. I didn’t exactly force myself to stay up all night, but I did sleep less than usual. I had an enjoyable time doing this readathon and I can’tContinue reading “Bookoplathon Wrap Up”

Most Read Authors

Hello readers! Today’s post is counting down my top 5 most read authors. In my early 20s and teens, I would just read the same author over and over again and never try new ones. Recently, I’ve been trying to have a better balance of new authors and old favorites. If you would like toContinue reading “Most Read Authors”

April Wrap Up 2022

Hello readers! How is it already May? I feel like this year has gone very slow yet also fast. So much has happened this year in my personal life. Today’s post is all about the books I read in April. I read a lot of good ones and ended the month on a book IContinue reading “April Wrap Up 2022”

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