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Bookopoly Chooses my Monster Filled Adventure Through Wonderland

In this post, I plan to share my September reading plans. September is a big month for readathons so my TBR is quite large. However, I have already read a lot of books in August and I have a few days left in the month, so I am confident I can do it! I’m only going to add TBRs for three month-long ones today and then post the other week-long ones closer to the dates. I am quite indecisive so the week-long ones will change over and over before then. The links to all readathons, readalongs and book clubs I mention will be listed at the bottom of this post.

Touch of Whimsy’s: Adventure Through Wonderland

The first readathon I planned before I added anymore in was the Whimsy Book Club: Adventure Through Wonderland readathon. I found the Whimsy Book Club back in July and have been reading along ever since. It is dedicated to middle grade books as is this readathon.

#1 read a book set in another world.

For this, I have chosen The Trials of Morrigan Crow by Jessica Townsend. I hope to read the sequel as well called Wundersmith.

#2 an aesthetically pleasing book.

For this one, I have chosen the group book, The Train to Impossible Places by P.G. Bell. Luckily, it is available on Scribd as an ebook and I just signed up for Scribd this month.

#3 a book for a cozy night in.

I am going to pick Potkin and Stubbs by Sophie Green. This is the book club book for Middle Grade Monthly whose hosts, Gavin and Jade, are also cohosting this readathon.

#4 pick a book you think you’ll love.

For this one, I am going with Last Ever After by Somain Chainani. This is the 3rd book in the first trilogy of The School for Good and Evil series. The first book was the Whimsy Book Club pick for August, called The School for Good and Evil, and I ended up getting to the first two books in the month.

#5 pick a strange and mysterious book.

For this, I have chosen Small Spaces and the sequel Dead Voices by Kathering Arden. I know these books have some mystery elements to them along with horror and ghosts.


Monsterathon Readathon

The next readathon I joined was the Monsterathon. For this readathon, the goal is to read as many books with monsters in them as possible. It is competitive so there are three different teams. The three teams include Team Beasts, Team Hants, and Team Conspiracies. I chose team haunts because I love mystery/thrillers and horror books with paranormal aspects to them! There are four prompts for each of the four teams. You get points for

Monsterathon #HauntReads

Team Haunts Prompts:

1. Read a book by a BIPOC author that you have been sleeping on or is new to you.

For this one, I have chosen Catherine House by Elisabeth Thomas. This one is the book club pick for the Literally Dead Book Club.

2. Let a friend pick your book.

I have chosen Dracula. This was actually chosen by a book club called Goth Lit Club whose host is the same as this readathon. It is a classic I have always wanted to get to but never have.

3. Read a mystery book or a book with a mystery element.

I am going to finally reach a prompt I can double up with the Adventures Through Wonderland readathon with Potkin and Stubbs.

4. A comfort read.

For this one I am going to get in another middle grade and read Tunnel of Bones by Victoria Schwab. This is the sequel to City of Ghosts, which I just finished reading.


Becca’s Bookoplathon

The last month-long readathon I plan to do is Becca’s Bookoplathon. It was created by Becca and the Books. Every month she rolls to create her TBR from a Monopoly themed board. For this readathon, she has a created another board. She has done this one once before and it was in July over a weekend. I was busy on that weekend when she did the first one so I am excited to be able to participate in this one! I chose to do 8 rolls. If I finish all my rolls, I will be rolling again until the end of the month.

Roll #1is 7 and got a chance card.

For this one, I drew Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi. This is one that I did want to read because I am re-reading this first trilogy so I can get to the second trilogy.

Roll #2 is a 2 and my first double (spoiler alert! This is not the only one.), Light Cover.

I am choosing The Hobbit by J RR Tolkien for the #Tolkienalong going on for the rest of the year and starting in September. My copy is a tan color and I think that counts for a light cover.

Roll #3 is a 5, LGBT rep.

I am squeezing in a graphic novel and a middle grade book that is also on my Adventures Through Wonderland TBR, Drama by Raina Telgemeier. I recently got this book from my Library and it was in Spanish but I did find on Libby instead.

Roll #4 is a 9, a standalone.

I am picking Dracula for this one to double up with the Monsterathon.

Roll #5 is a 4 and my second double, water on the cover.

This one may be a bit of a stretch but there is a tiny bit of water, or so it looks like, on Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson. I needed to get this on the TBR for the Stormlight Archive readalong running from September to the end of the year. I have never read anything by him but I have been wanting to for a long time!

Roll #6 was a 5, set in the present.

I have been waiting for a month or so to get One to Watch by Kate Stayman-London on Libby and I think I will finally be getting it in September.

Roll #7 was a 5, a big book over 500 pages.

I am adding in Last Ever After by Somain Chainani from my Adventures Through Wonderland readathon because I really don’t want to add in any more large books to my list. It is a whopping 655 pages.

Roll #8 is a 7, TBR vet.

I don’t physically own this book yet but I have been wanting to read it for a really long time as I read the sequel in 2019, I think in November. It is A Clash of Kings by George RR Martin. I really have been dragging my feet on reading this series because it isn’t finished and the end is not in sight.

Roll #9 is 9, POC rep.

For this one, I will go with another graphic novel, because my TBR is getting out of hand at this point, being March Book 2 by John Lewis. I read the first book in 2018 and I have been meaning to finish this series out for a long time.

Roll #10 is an 8 and my last double, 1st in a series.

I am going to throw in Small Spaces by Katherine Arden to get in another book from the Adventures Through Wonderland TBR.

Roll #11 and my last roll was a 3, a sequel.

For my final book, I am going to add another middle grade that was also on my Monsterathon TBR, Tunnel of Bones by Victoria Schwab.

Please comment down below and let me know what you are reading for any of these readathons! I love to see other peoples TBRs.

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