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Authors I Want to Read More of in 2021: Blogmas Day 11

Hello readers! Are you enjoying blogmas so far? Today I am bring you a short list of six authors I want to read more of in 2021. I tried more authors in 2020 than ever before, including all six of these, and I can’t wait to find some new favorites in 2021 as well.

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Ruth Ware

I really tried to explore mystery and thriller books in 2020, especially the second half if it. Ruth Ware is one of those really popular authors in that category. I decided to read all her books in publication order and I have read two so far being In a Dark, Dark Wood and The Woman in Cabin 10. So far, I like her books, and I want to catch up on all of her books by the time her next book comes out later in 2021. I want to find more favorites in the genre, as most of my mystery/thriller reads in 2020 were 4 stars.

Lisa Jewell

I have also read two books by Jewell. I read Then She Was Gone first and then The Family Upstairs. For both books, I thought I guessed the plot within the first chapter, and I was wrong both times. Then She Was Gone is one of my favorite mystery/thriller books I read in 2020. I would love to catch up on her books in 2021 as well, but she currently has around twenty published books. Out of the twenty mystery/thriller books I read in 2020, I only gave four 5 stars, and her book Then She Was Gone was one of them.

Akwaeke Emezi

I only read Pet in 2020, but Emezi has a lot of books I think sound really interesting. I want to start with Freshwater, which is about a MC who has dissociative identity disorder. However, they only have three books total, so it shouldn’t be hard to catch up.

Louise Doughty

Earlier in 2020, Louise Doughty’s book Platform Seven was a book club book for The Literally Dead book club. Unlike most people, I actually enjoyed this book. She hasn’t written another book since this one, so I need to go back and read some of her older titles.

Mira Grant / Seanan McGuire

Seanan McGuire is my most read author in 2020. I didn’t really do that on purpose. I read books one through four of the Wayward Children series, and Into the Drowning Deep by Mira Grant. I especially want to read more of Mira Grant because I want to explore more sci-fi horror in 2021. I am really excited to try Parasite, which is a sci-fi horror series. Into the Drowning Deep was unlike anything I have ever read, and I really enjoyed reading it! I do have a review for the book, if you would like to check it out.

Alice Oseman

Oseman wrote my favorite book of 2020 being Radio Silence. I read this because of the Crusty Club book club earlier this year. I can’t wait to read more of Oseman’s books. I don’t have one that I am excited for more over the others. She does have a new installment of Heartstopper coming out in 2021, which is a series I haven’t started, but a lot of people love. I just loved her character Aled, and I know Oseman has a tendency to overlap characters in her books. I can’t wait to see if he shows up in other books.



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