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Tropes and Things I Love in Books

Hello readers! This is my very first post here on WordPress! Weclome if you are new here or welcome back if you have come from my old site. I have been thinking about converting my blog over to WordPress for a couple months now. I was very limited on Wix, as far as interaction goes.

Today we are going to go over a few tropes I love in books along with some other things in books that I love. I’ll be giving some examples of books with said trope, unless it is a spoiler. Please comment down below and let me know what your favorite tropes are! I can now actually respond if you do comment, unlike when I was on Wix.

Before we go any further, I want to disclaim that there is an affiliate link at the bottom of this post for a used books site named Better World Books. I do make a commission if you purchase books through that link.

Sibling Relationships

I love to see strong sibling bonds in books! Bonus points if those characters are twins. I read five books by Seanan McGuire/Mira Grant in 2020 and I realized she also loves the twins trope! I think this stems from being an only child. I always longed for that sibling bond.

Cooking or Baking

I loved watching baking shows when I was a kid. That was back when not many existed. When I do watch TV, you will most likely find me watching a cooking or baking TV show nowadays. There is nothing better than reading a book with descriptions of food! In the Hannah Swenson series by Joanna Fluke, there are even recipes throughout the books, as the MC is an owner of a bake shop, who also solves crime. I really need to try to make some of them one day.

The MC Was Dead the Whole Time

I LOVE this trope. I have seen it done a lot in books, movies, and TV shows. The book usually ends with us finding out the MC/MCs are in purgatory, and it never fails to blow my mind. The biggest issue here is, I can’t look for recommendations based on this one, as it is a spoiler.

The MC Is a Bad Guy

This is another one that would be a spoiler. I love when the reveal comes that the MC is a bad guy, or one of the bad guys. Bonus points if they themselves didn’t even know, which I have only seen once.

The Unbroken Broken Family

I am so tired of seeing the dead parent trope, or the moody eldest sister, the brother who tortures the younger siblings, or the infamous evil step-parent trope. I am a step-parent, so I HATE seeing the evil step-parent trope. Broken families may be realistic, but that doesn’t mean they can’t find happiness in what they have. I love to see step-parents who aren’t automatically hated by their step-children, or automatically hate them. I’ll talk about that one more in the tropes I hate post later this month. Families do not have to have perfect lives to find joy.

The Love Triangle

It only occurred to me the other day that I like this trope. I have a hard time liking romance books. I usually think the romance is forced, or I can’t keep my attention on it. I think I need a bit of intrigue to get me through a romance, and a love triangle brings stakes to the game. I am really enjoying when the love triangle is a sort of competition. I have never watched the Bachelor before, but that is the kind of thing I am talking about.

Truly Evil Female Villain

The trope where the female villain is just bitter about something is just overdone. This goes back to that evil step-parent trope. I love to see a female villain who is absolutely evil, and doesn’t have some sort of crazy backstory about how they were done wrong 50 years ago and never got over it.

Mind Reading Couples

I love to see couples who can read one another’s minds or emotions. Not just when it is one sided. I think this is mostly common in fantasy and paranormal romance series, which I don’t read enough of anymore. I don’t really love the fated mates trope, but they are commonly paired together. I can only really think of one that it not by an author I wouldn’t like to promote. However, I love to see it!

Portal Fantasy

This isn’t a trope, but I love when the MC is thrown into an unknown world. This is my favorite subgenre of fantasy and I don’t read enough of it! It is also much easier to understand a world when we were learning the world along with the MC. Please comment your favorite portal fantasy series, if you have one!


This is another one that I haven’t seen often and usually paired with the chosen one trope, which most people don’t like. I love when we are given a prophecy and we have to watch it play out as the book goes. It is fun to try to guess what the prophecy is and see if I was right at the end, even though I am a terrible guesser.

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