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Spring 2021 New Book Releases

Hello readers! Today we are going over 9 new releases coming out this spring that I am excited to read. I was originally going to do this post at the beginning of the year and half way through the year, but I now have a pretty extensive list of books, so I’m gonna do this seasonally.

There is an affiliate like at the bottom of this post for Better World Books. Better World Books is an online used books store that ships all over the world. I do make a commission from them when you use my link below.

Lost in the Never woods by Aiden Thomas (he/they) March 23rd

Technically, I already own a book by this author that I haven’t even read, but I still want to get this one, too! Lost in the Never Woods is a mystery Peter Pan retelling. Thomas is the author of Cemetery Boys, which is the book I already own and have not read by them. I’m thinking about buy this book, reading them both back to back, and doing a dual review! They both seem really good, and I just need to get to them.

The Forest of Stolen Girls by June Hur April 20th

I read June Hur’s debut novel called The Silence of Bones last year during the Koreadathon. I really loved that book and I know I’ll love this one, too! The Forest of Stolen Girls is a Historical Fiction mystery, just like The Silence of Bones. In this book the MC, Hwani, and her sister went missing when they were younger. They were found unconscious in the forest. I know the family moves out of town, but her father, who is a detective, goes back when more girls go missing and goes missing himself. So, we are following Hwani investigating what happened to him.

Black Water Sister by Zen Cho May 11th

I know this one is set in Malaysia and is LGBT of some sort. It is about Jessamyn, who one day starts hearing a voice in her head claiming to be her grandmother. The grandmother needs her help to settle a score with someone who has offended a deity called Black Water Sister. It sounds very interesting and amazing and I’m here for it.

The Plot by Jean Hanff Korelitz May 11th

I have been intrigued by this book from the moment I saw the cover. I know it is about a professor who used to write books. He hears a plot of a novel from one of his students and uses it to write a book. This book takes off and the student comes back to accuse him of stealing his ideas. I think this is a potential 5-star Thriller for me, and I am so excited to get my hands on it!

Made in Korea by Sarah Suk May 18th

This one has been on my radar since November and I haven’t really heard anyone mention it. It is about two K-Beauty businesses at the same school, one owned by two cousins and the other by a new kid in school. They are trying to take one another out and is also an enemies to lovers story.

Hani and Ishu’s Guide to Fake Dating by Adiba Jaigirdar May 25th

I saw this cover reveal on Twitter. Most people pick books based on their covers, but I like to pick books by titles. I love books with long and quirky titles. This one is about Hani, who comes out to her friend as Bisexual. Her friend tells her she can’t be bi because she never dated a girl. So, she tells her friend she is dating Ishu, even though she is not. They end up fake dating for different benefits and catch feelings for one another.

The Maidens by Alex Michaelides June 1st

I read Michaelides last book, so I automatically added this one to my TBR once I heard of it. I know it involves a secret society of women at a college, who call themselves The Maidens. The MC Mariana is convinced this man named Edward Fosca is a murderer. She is investigating him and this society and it involves Greek mythology. I have been a lover of Greek mythology from a young age, so that always intrigues me.

One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston(they/them) June 1st

I have read Red, White, and Royal Blue by McQuiston, and I didn’t like it one bit. However, this one seems like I might enjoy it. It is a f/f romance where one of them is stuck in time on a train. I do enjoy time travel in books and I want to give McQuiston another chance.

The Passing Playbook by Isaac Fitzsimons June 1st

I found this one from a cover reveal on Twitter. It is about a trans boy named Spencer who moves to a new school. He tries out for the boys soccer team and makes it, but the coach finds out he was born female from his birth certificate and decides to bench him for the season. I know it is about him trying to fight for his right to play on the team.

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