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Series I’ve Started in 2021

Hello readers! If you saw my last post, I exposed myself with the ridiculous number of series I have started in 2021, so I thought it would be fun to share them with you guys.

I don’t know what it is about 2021, but I have been starting series left and right. So, here I am with a way too long list of all the series I started in the first quarter of the year. I’m only going to highlight the series I either plan to continue, or might continue, and wont be mentioning the ones I am not.

Before we go any further, I want to disclaim there are affiliate links within this post for AMAZON and Better World Books.

This was actually my very first book of 2021. I tried to finish it in 2020, but it didn’t work out. I never read much in December. As a matter of fact, I have read exactly 6 books the last two Decembers. It is about two people exchanging this journal all over NY city, who have never met. They will write in the journal ,and give the other person a specific place to leave it, then the other writes back and so on. I think this book reads very young for a YA book. I am not against continuing, but I didn’t love it. I bought my own copy used on Better World Books, and it was actually signed by David Levithan. That is the only time I have bought a book that happened to be signed, but it was still cool.

Trigger Warnings: black outs, underage drinking

This book is about a girl who finds herself in the woods when she isn’t supposed to be. When she is there, she acquires her deceased mother’s journal, and finds out a lot of witchy things her mother was doing. It is the only published book, however the sequel comes out in October. I did really enjoy this book. My only issue was with the pacing. I think there should have been more detail when there wasn’t and less in the places where there was.

Trigger Warnings: racism, mysogy, childbirth, death during childbirth, pedophilia (relationships with adults and teens), death of loved ones, mutilation by branding of oneself and others, suicide, plagues, seizure, animal death, captivity, attempted murder and murder

I thought this book was okay. I haven’t really decided if I want to continue it, but I think I will. I am interested in finishing this trilogy because I want to read the Liveship Traders trilogy, and I know her series are meant to be read in a specific order. Please let me know, if you have read this series, if it is worth continuing.

This is a Fantasy Romance series about a girl named Fortuna Sworn. She is a Nightmare, which means she can give people visions of their worst nightmares. Previous to the book, her brother has been missing for a few years. This fae named Collith comes to her and tells her he will take her to her brother immediately providing she marry him. This is the first one I’m mentioning that I have actually continued. There are currently 3 books published and I just read book two, but it is an ongoing series. It is an Indie pubbed series and has so many different types of beings within it, including fae, werewolves, leviathans, vampires, and many more. I can say, if you are looking for a smut heavy Fantasy Romance, this doesn’t have very much, at least from the two books I have read.

Trigger warnings: captivity, forced marriage, abuse, death, torture, slavery

This is a two book, non-fiction graphic novel about the holocaust. This follows Art Spiegelman’s father, and we get to see what he experienced along with their interacts as his father is telling the story. The Jewish people are represented as mice and the Nazis are cats, along with the polish people being pigs. After buying volume one, I realized I could’ve bought a compendium of both books and read them together. Later this year, I might just buy the compendium and unhaul the book I have.

Trigger Warnings: anti-Semitism, murder, guns, genocide

I read the first book in the Pandava series last month. There are currently four books published, but it is ongoing, and will have 5 books. If you like Percy Jackson, I think you would like this series. It follows Aru Shah, who lights this lamp in the museum she lives in, and it releases a demon. There is so much rich culture within this book revolving around Hinduism. Even if you know nothing about it, it teaches you along the way. My only issue with this book is one that I share with Percy Jackson, I wish everyone didn’t just know how to do things. This is so common in middle grade books that the characters don’t have to learn how to do anything, and I don’t love that trope.

Trigger Warnings: bullying, absent parent, death of a loved one

This is the only book published in this series so far. If you don’t read any of the books in this post, PLEASE read this one. It is about Amari, whose adult brother has been missing, with no trace. She is invited to go to this magical school, that he also went to, and she is investigating where he is. There is some commentary here about racism as well.

Trigger Warnings: absent parent, bullying, racism, mentions of minors selling drugs, missing family member, coma

The Love Sugar Magic series is about a young girl who finds out she is a bruja, which is a type of witch. This book reminded me a of the plot of a lot of Disney episodes. When the child gets themselves into a mess, and does everything they can not to ask the authority figure, while trying to fix it. She tries to create a love spell for her friend, and it goes terrible for her.

I read this book, along with its sequel, along with the last and next mentioned series during Bookoplathon. They look like picture books, but are middle grade graphic novels about these dragons, whose leaves on their horns can be made into tea. There is so much representation in these books. The author is nonbinary, along with the LGBT and disabled characters within the books. The second book is a prequel to the first one, but the third book, coming out later this year, is a continuation of book one.

This is a series about a doll named Annabelle Doll. She is tired of being a doll and wants to go on adventures. She has never left the dollhouse she lives in. There is a new family of dolls that move in called the Funcrafts, and the plot is about her and her new friend trying to find her Auntie Doll, who went missing around 50 years before.

Trigger Warnings: depression, memory loss

I didn’t love the characters in this book. However, I thought this world was worth reading until the end of the series. I would love to know if the author is planning any more books in this world in the future, but either way, I will be finishing this series soon.

Trigger Warnings: death, attempted murder, absent parents, violence

I have been participating in a readalong of all of Sanderson’s Cosmere books in 2021. So, I have started all 3 of these series. Elantris and Warbreaker are planned to be series, but the sequels have not been announced. I really am enjoying making my way through his books, and I really wish Warbreaker had a sequel, as it is my favorite.

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