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Reading Habits Book Tag

Hello readers! I am back from my break. It was SO nice taking this break and I highly recommend doing so if you have been thinking about it. I did a lot of organizing while I was gone and I think I won’t become so overwhelmed like I was before. Please comment down below how you have been doing in the past 10 days, reading wise or otherwise. Without any further ado, let’s just jump into it!

The Reading Habits Book Tag was created by Booktuber TheBookJazz, but I don’t think the video exists anymore. A few of the questions were added on by book blogger Jenniely.

Before we go any further, I want to disclaim that there are affiliate ads within this post.

Do you have a certain place at home for reading?

I usually read on my couch. However, I do sometimes read in bed or sitting at the kitchen table. I don’t have a preference, but I think I read most efficiently at the kitchen table.

Bookmark or random piece of paper?

Both. I do have a bookmark I use, but sometimes I am reading more than 1 book, so I won’t use a bookmark for every book. One of my bookmarks currently is a registration for a dog crate. I just need to acquire more bookmarks!

Can you just stop reading or do you have to stop after a chapter/a certain amount of pages?

I like to end at chapters. It’s just easier that way for me.

Do you eat or drink while reading?

I am not against doing it. However, I don’t usually eat while reading. I always have a drink next to me. Usually, if I’m reading and I’m hungry, I will stop reading and watch something while I eat. Then, go back to reading right after. I just don’t like having to do 2 different things with my hands at once.

Multitasking: Music or TV while reading?

I usually just sit in silence, but I do like playing those ambiance videos on YouTube while I read. I can’t listen to music because it will be too distracting. I listen to mostly Kpop, so I would sing along or do some of the dance while listening, and that would be distracting.

One book at a time or several at once?

Before 2021, I would have said one at a time. However, I have been trying to multitask books this year. I will have either one audiobook and one physical or ebook, or I’ll have one regular book and one graphic novel going at once. I like having audiobooks to listen to for when I’m doing housework, making thumbnails for my posts, or anything else.

Reading at home or everywhere?

I am a read anywhere type of person. If I know I am going on a long trip, I will take a book with me. I could read on the way or have some free time. I try to carry books with me wherever I go, whether that be an audiobook on my phone, my Kindle, or a physical book.

Reading out loud or silently in your head?

I read silently. Sometimes if I can’t concentrate, I will start reading out loud. I don’t love reading out loud because I read slower than with my eyes.

Do you read ahead or even skip pages?

This may sound weird, but I do look ahead or look up spoilers sometimes. If I think a character I really love might die, I will be so anxious about it that I will look it up. I like to be mentally prepared. I don’t mind SOME spoilers. I like to look up if certain characters end up together, too. It doesn’t ruin it for me knowing.

Breaking the spine or keeping it like new?

I don’t like to damage my books in any way. I do buy a lot of used books, so they do come that way on occasion. I don’t mind if they are like that when I get them, but I don’t want to crack it myself. I am the type of person who reads the book half closed so I don’t hurt the spine, if I have to.

Do you write in your books?

No. I do like using tabs in books. Sometimes I will even write on the tabs, but not in the books. I have thought about using post-it notes to write more details of my thoughts, but I haven’t yet. As of now, I have a small notebook that I write any notes on for books, so I can remember them later for the blog or review.

When do you find yourself reading?

All the time. I prefer reading in the morning, but I usually read late at night. I am just not a morning person and I never have been, but in a perfect world, I would read as soon as I wake up in the morning.

What is your best setting to read in?

I prefer to read on the couch while my husband is watching TV. I can’t use the TV if he is using it, so that helps me concentrate on my reading. We do have a TV in our room, but that would be a lot more work going all the way in there.

What do you do first – Read or Watch?

This may be a bit controversial, but I like to watch first. I HATE watching a movie or show after I have read the book. I can’t even concentrate on the movie because I’m only thinking about all the things they messed up. If I read the book second, the differences will be interesting to me and not annoying.

What form do you prefer? Audio, Ebook, or physical?

I prefer audiobooks overall. I just think I take in the story better with audio than with any other format. However, I think there are benefits to all three formats. I love the experience of audiobooks. Audiobooks are only getting better as time goes by. I like ebooks because I can make a lot of notes about what I do and don’t like. I also love physical books because I can tab things I like and go back to see it later on.

Do you have a unique habit while reading?

I mentioned this before in my post about how to read more. I am a VERY lazy reader despite how much I read. I read more than anyone I know. I struggle sometimes to find the motivation to read instead of watching something online, which is easier. So, I do this thing where I will pick a video I want to watch. Normally, I will read 1 chapter for every 10 minutes of that video. It is so productive. I get to watch what I want while also getting in a ton of reading. If the chapters are really short, I will do a chapter for every 5 minutes. I highly recommend doing this if you can’t put your phone down, too. Read a chapter, and then scroll Instagram/Twitter/etc. for 10 minutes. You will get so much reading done!

Do book series have to match?

Not usually. However, I do care sometimes. I have been trying to match my series more. I like it when it comes to my adult fantasy books. I realized this year that I prefer to own series over standalones. So, I would like to start getting more series that do match. However, it isn’t that big of a deal if they don’t. I am not one of those people who get 5 copies of the same book or care to have limited editions. There isn’t anything wrong with that, it just isn’t what I do. I own all 5 books in the Percy Jackson series, and I have 4 different editions of those books. Like I said before, I do buy a lot of my books used, so I just take whatever they have.

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8 thoughts on “Reading Habits Book Tag

  1. I also love listening to the ambience rooms on Youtube whilst I’m reading! Especially if it’s relating to the book I’m actually reading at the moment; they’re great for transporting you to another world entirely.
    Loved reading your answers to this tag!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sometimes a break is needed šŸ™‚ When I’m at home I like to read on my porch, but I’m travelling for work at the moment so I just read in the hotel bed! I also always stop at the end of a chapter, and I’ve never heard of ambience rooms before but now I HAVE to try one!

    Liked by 1 person

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