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LGBT Recommendations for Pride Month

Hello readers! June and pride month is approaching quickly. I wanted to give my followers a few LGBT recommendations because you guys seemed to like my previous recommendations post for AAPI month.

I’m going to try my best to give diverse recommendations when it comes to LGBT rep and genre. Without further ado, here is 12 recommendations for pride month!

Before we go any further, I want to disclaim there are affiliate links and ads within this post.

George is a middle grade book about a trans girl. She has always known she is a girl, but no one else knows.

The plot of the story is about George wanting to play Charlotte in her schools play of Charlotte’s Web. This is just a really cute coming out story that doesn’t show a negative experience, which is important.

Also, Alex Gino is a non-binary author, and all of their books have LGBT rep, if you want to read more by them.

I just read House in the Cerulean Sea this month. It is about this man who audits orphanages of magical children. He is given this task by extremely upper management to go to a orphanage on this island with 6 very special magical orphans. I do agree with a lot of other people that this is a middle grade book for adults. The MC is plus size, over 40, and complacent in his life. He essentially has a coming-of-age story, but he is much older than your typical protagonist of that sort.

If you are a character driven reader, you will LOVE this book. Every character is larger than life and there is a male-male romance in here that was VERY cute, too.

This one is told in verse, which is something I have come to LOVE. It is about a gay-biracial teen who finds his calling in doing drag. He is struggling with being biracial and not really fitting in with either half of his heritage and he is just trying to find his place in this world.

Now, this was a book I was sure I wouldn’t like. It has a celebrity aspect, which I don’t like, and it is historical fiction. However, I was pleasantly surprised how much I loved it!

This is about Evelyn Hugo. In the book she is an extremely well known veteran actress. She asks this woman named Monique to tell her life story exclusively. She is telling Monique about her seven husbands that she has had, while also revealing who her one true love was. And of course, there is the mystery of why she chose Monique specifically.

I highly recommend giving this one a try if you have been reluctant to do so. I think it is worth it! Also, the LGBT rep in this is bisexual rep, if you were wondering.

This is a middle grade book that everyone should read, especially if you are a parent.

This book is about King, whose brother has just died. His brother told him before he died, he shouldn’t hang out with his best friend Sandy anymore, because his best friend is gay.

He is struggling dealing with his brother’s death while also mourning his friendship with Sandy. He wants to be friends with Sandy, but he also wants to honor his brother’s wish.

The reason I think parents should read this one, is because I think it really teaches you that how you talk to your kid is really important. King’s parents never told him that they wouldn’t love him if he were also gay, but they have said in front of him that black people can’t be gay. It is just so important to pay attention to the language you use in front of kids.

The author and MC Ben are both nonbinary. This book is about a nonbinary person who comes out to their parents, and gets kicked out of the house. Ben ends up moving in with their estranged sister, who their parents also don’t speak to, and starts going to therapy. The MC is struggling with anxiety about going back to school while presenting as they truly are, along with struggling with the rejection of the parents.

The Wayward Children series is a great place to look for LGBT rep. This series is about these children who are put into this orphanage once they return from other worlds. Sometime in their life, they went through a door to another world, and then were cast from it for whatever reason. They can only go back to said world, or a different one if a door to it appears.

All the books have some sort of LGBT or POC rep in them. They do not need to be read in order and most people say book 4 is their favorite. I have the unpopular opinion of book 3 being my favorite!

Mira Grant is the name Seanan McGuire publishes horror novels under. This one is a sci-fi horror about killer mermaids. The first 100 pages is more of a set-up for the rest of the book. It is a bit slow to start. However, I loved the horror elements. I loved the buildup of every scene being scarier and gorier than the previous one without too much body horror. I cannot read body horror in books and this one was fine for me. There is autism, deaf, bisexual and lesbian rep, along with a character who has a disability that effects his ability to walk, but it didn’t say what the disability is. However, this isn’t one of those books where all the characters are defined by that one trait, which I love!

The MC in this book is bisexual. It is about Soraya, who is cursed. If she touches anyone, they will automatically be poisoned and die. She is kept far away from everyone else in the castle she lives in. She ends up seeking freedom from her curse in the wrong place, and everything unfolds from there.

Bashardoust shoved a lot into this book that is barely over 300 pages. I thought some of the plot was predictable, but the characters never were. If you are looking for a quick, but entertaining read, this may be for you!

Pet is about a trans girl with selective mutism. She lives in a world without evil. She ends up releasing a demon from her mother’s painting and she names him Pet. There seems to be evil lurking somewhere, but it has nothing to do with Pet. This is a really interesting story about how evil can be anywhere and we can all be oblivious to it unless it is brought to our attention.

Radio Silence is about a girl who is an amazing artist and is OBSESSED with this podcast called Universe City. No one knows who actually creates said podcast. She is then contacted by the creator to make art for it, so the fans can see what the characters should look like in the story the person tells.

What really made me love this book was the best friend character, Aled. He is demisexual, and so am I. My heart was BREAKING for him in this book. If you are looking for story about an amazing, platonic friendship, this might be the book for you!

This one was for sure out of my comfort zone. It is a scifi book, which is something I don’t read, following a demisexual character. The aliens took over two years previous and banned all forms of media. That includes video, music, and books. The POVs are between Ellie, a human girl with a secret library in her apartment, and M0Rr1S (pronounced Morris), an alien who loves music and has a secret iPod.

It is their journey trying to save the world, with just a bit of romance in there, too. However, I wouldn’t go as far as to call this a romance book, because it isn’t.

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