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May Wrap Up

Hello readers! Today we are going over all the books I read in May. I read a lot of books this month and my ratings are all over the place.

If you missed my last post, I went over all the books I read for Do The Thing-athon, which I won’t mention here.

Before we go any further, I want to disclaim there are affiliate links and ads in this post.


Never Let Me Go is about cloning and the ethics of cloning. I just don’t think this type of book is for me. I thought it was weird that the MC was talking about sex so much. Either way, I know a lot of people will love this book and I do think it did what it set out to.


I am still binging every graphic novel in sight. This one is about a Taiwanese girl named Cici, who immigrates to America with her parents. She leaves her grandma back in Taiwan. Her grandma is turning 70 and Cici wants her to visit them in America for her birthday. However, they don’t have the money, so Cici enters this cooking competition to win $1,000 for a plane ticket. This story was so cute and has one of my favorite tropes, and that is food. I wish I were this passionate about anything at Cici’s age.


This is a story of a Prince who hires this dressmaker to make dresses for him. They also go out at night and party. The dressmaker wants to be a famous designer, and the prince kind of holds her back because no one knows that he dresses in women’s clothing sometimes. I am not sure if the prince is meant to be transgender or a person who likes doing drag. However, I did enjoy the story and the ending had me laughing so hard.

Lumberjanes will be a 20 book series about 5 girls at a summer camp and their run-ins with various creatures and monsters. Currently, there are 17 books, but my library only has 15 of them. Some installments are better than others, but I do love this series overall. I will warn you that they are episodic, so there isn’t an overarching plot in this series. I know that just isn’t for some people, but I don’t mind. I plan on buying this whole series very soon, because I enjoy it so much!


This is a graphic novel memoir about the author. I just did not enjoy 2/3rds of this book. The 1st third is the MC being really mean to her mom and selfish. The 2nd third is the Mom just neglecting the MC, who is struggling learning to speak English and function in her new life. The last third is the best part, but this book just frustrated me so much.


This book is about a man who inspects orphanages of magical children. He given the task to go to a very special orphanage on an island by extremely upper management. The main character is plus size, gay, over 40, and complicit in his life.

I do agree with other people that this is similar in tone to a middle grade book, but is made for adults. I did really enjoy reading this book, I just wanted more from the plot. I don’t always love the plots of fantasy middle grade books and this was similar to those. This was essentially a coming-of-age story, but for a man over 40 years old. I did really enjoy, but didn’t LOVE it and hope to read more from this author.


They Called Us Enemy is about and by George Takei when he was a small child. George Takei is most known for playing Sulu in Star Trek, which he does talk a bit about in this book. It is about Japanese-Americans being taken from their homes and put into Internment camps in America during WWII. I highly recommend this to anyone who is curious about that time period! It is very educational about that time and about Takei himself.


I put this one up against the last book on Instagram, and Instagram told me to read They Called Us Enemy. I went ahead and tried this one anyway, and I should have listened to my Insta followers! This book is by no means bad, it just isn’t for me. Magical realism books are just not for me, most of the time.

I didn’t like that I couldn’t tell if the magical elements were in her head or if they were real. It kept leading us to believe it was real and then gave us a reason that it wasn’t. I just don’t like when books make me guess things or endings. HOWEVER, if you like magical realism, you may still love this one. I did like the lore involving the tigers and the star jars!

My husband and I have been watching The Walking Dead the past few weeks, so I decided to pick up the books. So far, the books are VASTLY different. Firstly, the plot is different. Everything seems to happen much quicker in the books than in the show. There are deaths that happened much quicker and ones that haven’t happened yet, even though they did in the show. I can’t say TOO MUCH because of spoilers for both the show and the books. However, I will say Daryl, Merle, Beth, and Sasha are not in the books, whivh is sad! Daryl is my favorite character. The characters are less developed, but we do get to learn more about their backgrounds. The characters are much more dramatic. I feel like everyone is always having confrontation or fornication, nothing else. My absolute favorite part of reading these books is seeing which characters end up together! There are relationships in the books that I would NEVER imagine in the show.

This was one of my most anticipated books of 2021. I had been working on getting this ARC for 5 months. I have been a huge fan of P.C. Cast for more than 10 years now and have read over 20 of her books including the Parthalon series, House of Night, and Tales of a New World. I really thought she grew so much as a writer when she wrote Tales of a New World and I love that series.

However, this book fell flat for me. I thought all the interactions of the characters were really awkward. I hated the douche-y boyfriend whose actions were excused. It is the type of relationship teens don’t need to see in books. Mari and Nik (in Tales of a New World) had a relationship that I only wish we saw in more YA books, including this one.

Secondly, the characters were SO flat. Usually, Cast’s characters are my favorite part of her books. The friendship aspect was also quite flat for me. In House of Night and Tales of a New World, the friendships and character growth were always at the front of the story.

I think this book could have used more character development, more magic (because it was interesting), and more pages. I might come back to this series once another another book is out, just to see if anything changes. I don’t want to give up on these authors.

This is one of my absolute favorite books of ALL TIME. I loved seeing such a modern world with all the fantastical elements and creatures. I loved seeing Bryce and Hunt’s banter. One of my favorite things in books is sassy characters, and this book is packed with them. Ruhn was my favorite character, and I hope we get to see even more of him in the next books.

I also loved the murder/mystery aspect, too. I didn’t see the twist coming and suspected all the wrong people! It is slow to start, but the last 200 pages are where all the action is. I don’t mind slow books, but some people might. By the end, I couldn’t decide what I was feeling. There is devastation, betrayal, happiness, redemption, and peace. I was devastated yet happy at the end.

For the smuttiness, there wasn’t much. I don’t mind that, at all. However, if you are going into this looking for a smut-filled fantasy romance, there is a tiny bit, but not much here. Of course, I can’t say for book 2.

This book just had all the tropes I love in it, and that is what makes SJM the perfect author for me. If you haven’t picked this book yet, PLEASE do.

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4 thoughts on “May Wrap Up

  1. I really enjoyed Never Let Me Go – it’s completely different to Ishiguro’s usual style. The House On The Cerulean Sea appears to be universally loved, and seems set to become a modern classic.

    I’ve tagged you in this post: I hope you enjoy writing your own post in response!

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