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Authors I’m Giving Up On

Hello readers! I thought it would be fun to talk about a few authors that I have read multiple books by and decided they just aren’t for me. There are plenty of authors I don’t vibe with because of personal reasons, but none of these authors fit with that description. I just don’t mesh with their books.

Of course, I’m not 100% sure I will never read these authors again, because I could change my mind, but I’m pretty confident I won’t. For some of these authors, I have read a book I liked by them and then a few I didn’t, making me believe that one book is the diamond in the rough.

Neil Gaiman

Gaiman is such a beloved author. I know so many people love him. I think I don’t like his books because he writes in a genre I don’t like. I don’t like the surrealism genre and he usually writes in that genre. When it comes to magical realism, I do like it sometimes, but most of the time I don’t.

I really want to like this author, I just don’t.

Riley Sager

The first book I read by this author was Final Girls, and I also attempted to read the one where the girl is house sitting. I’m not sure what the title was. I’ve even read a few spoilers for Home Before Dark. I just don’t see what everyone else sees in his books.

V. E. Schwab

I first read City of Ghosts by her. It was weird because I thought I enjoyed it, but the more I sat on it, the more I realized I didn’t. Then, I got to Addie Larue and I loved it! I know Addie Larue is so different from anything she has written, and that is probably why it was the diamond in the rough. Then, I got to This Savage Song and I didn’t like it. I actually DNFd that book and didn’t find it very compelling.

I think this author just had one book I really loved and I won’t be picking her books up again UNLESS she writes anything similar to Addie Larue again.

Cassandra Clare

I first read City of Bones back in high school and I really didn’t like it. For some odd reason, I decided to reread that book and then finish the series in 2019. I have so many issues with that series and I don’t think it would be a good idea to go back to her books any time soon.

I have pretty detailed review for 4 out of 6 of the books on my Goodreads that are not spoiler free. I did try to give them all a few positives as I was reading, but I’m not sure why I decided to read the whole thing.

Daniel Handler

Handler also goes by the name Lemony Snicket. He is one of my most read authors. I really love the Series of Unfortunate Events, but I haven’t liked anything else I read by him, especially books under his real name. Unless he writes something to do with SOEU again like the All the Wrong Questions series, I won’t be reading anything from him in the near future.

Ruth Ware

This is an author who I started out liking and it went downhill from there. I read In a Dark, Dark Wood and really enjoyed it. Then read Woman in Cabin 10 and thought it had some good ideas, but needed a lot of editing. The story was too long and too much happens in it for one book.

Lastly, I read The Lying Game and that book was so problematic and I just couldn’t stand the MC. The biggest issue, but not the only issue, was that the MCs had been expelled in their past when they attended a boarding school together. What for? A teacher drawing naked pictures of them. Not only does that happen, but it is blown off like it is no big deal that four teens, one being the teachers child, were drawn naked by a grown man.

I do own another book by this author, and I might read it, but I hope it is NOTHING like that last one.

What is an author you just don’t vibe with?

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3 thoughts on “Authors I’m Giving Up On

  1. I have come to realize that sometimes certain writing styles are not for me and that’s ok. It doesn’t mean that the author is bad or that the book is poorly written.

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