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June Wrap Up 2021

Hello readers! Can you believe June is already over? I really ended May thinking I would be out of that slump and then started June with a few books I didn’t love. It sent me right back into it. I didn’t give any books 5 stars this month and didn’t read many books either. I am hoping for a better month in July!

Before we go any further, I want to disclaim there are affiliate links and ads within this post. When you use my links, you will be supporting my content and I will make a small commission.


I wasn’t sure if I would love this book going in and I didn’t. I just didn’t find it very intriguing. There is a possible murder/mystery aspect and I just didn’t care enough. I do think a lot of other people will like this book, I just didn’t.

I did really enjoy the aspect of the indigenous traditions and mythology. I thought it was interesting to learn about how Indigenous people handle family members passing.


This book looks like a picture book, but is indeed a middle grade graphic novel. I just think it should have been much, much longer.

The idea is that a girl, sort of like Rapunzel, is stuck in a tower and every Prince who has ever come to save her has failed. Until, one day a fellow Princess comes to rescue her instead. The interesting part kind of ended there. There is a few other plot points, but they weren’t as interesting as that one.


I just don’t see the hype here. I don’t really read cute and fluffy books like this, so maybe that is the issue. I just think the book ended right when it was getting interesting. The plot picks up and then it just ends.

I might end up really enjoying this series once I read the rest, but my library only had the first book, so I wont be going any further until they get another one.


I’ve been wanting to read this graphic novel memoir for a few months and finally got to it. This book really showed how painful being uneducated can be. It makes your heart drop every time someone says or does something to this girl that they didn’t realize was kind of mean.

Graphic novel memoirs are something I have come to love. Please recommend me some if you know any!


I didn’t expect this one to be that great. I did enjoy it, though! I just know ACOTAR isn’t the best book in that series, so I assumed this one would be the same.

The premise of the story is supposed to be that 23 people are chosen to compete to be the royal assassin, but the actual plot is that an unknown person is killing off the competitors. I wish we got to see more competing and less of a murder/mystery.


I received a copy of this one from Netgalley. I keep requesting books I’m interested in and then I don’t really enjoy them. It’s making me not want to use it as much anymore.

I didn’t expect the twist, but I thought it left a bit to be desired. There were a few plot holes and it just didn’t live up to how much I loved his previous book. I’m going to see what he does next because I also think my lack of enjoyment has to do with the dark academia setting, and I’m kind of realizing I don’t love that in books.

⭐⭐⭐⭐ (for both)

These two are the first two books in a new-ish self pubbed, foodie cozy mystery series. I have been craving one since falling out of love with the Hannah Swenson series.

It follows Allison Sweet, a sous chef at this really fancy restaurant. She ends up getting fired, then finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her with and leaving her for a man. She ends up moving to a new apartment and opens her very own bakery.

I am pleasantly surprised how much I like this series! The second book is better than the first and I love that we get to see her before she opens the bakery. This book spreads light on how difficult it is to start your very own independent business. I love supporting independently published authors and this was a great way to end my reading month. The first book in this series is currently free on Kindle, if you are interested in trying it for yourself!

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