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Reading Stats for the 1st Half of the Year

Hello readers! Today’s post is my stats for the 1st half of the year. I LOVE keeping all these stats and even make up new ones to keep all the time. I have a few more that I do keep that are not included here, so let me know if you enjoy this type of post and I can include even more next time!

If you would like to see my 1st quarter stats, CLICK HERE and please let me know if you would also like to see my 2nd quarter stats, separate from this one, for comparison. I wasn’t sure if I should do both or just this one.

In the first half of 2021, 102 books at 27,922 pages. 49 books and 16,097 pages in quarter 1 and 53 books and 11,895 in quarter 2. The page drop has to do with the 33 of those 53 being mangas and graphic novels in the 2nd quarter.

In 2021, I wanted to read a lot less YA and I really succeeded in the 1st quarter. I’m really not happy to see how high the number is now of YA books, so I will be trying to decrease this in the future. It WAS at 8.2% and is now at 30.4%.

I don’t hate YA now, but I just want to focus more on middle grade and adult books.

This is not surprising to me. I just seem to be reading more and more female authors. I’m not doing this on purpose, but I don’t mind it. HOWEVER, I would like to increase nonbinary authors.

The yellow is intersex. I had one author that was intersex and that is probably the first time I’ve ever read a book from an intersex author, so I will be looking into that, too.

In my first quarter stats, I removed all the subgenres, but I thought I would just leave them in this time. I’m really surprised urban fantasy is my biggest genre because it is usually mystery/thriller or high fantasy.

However, I am happy with my genres. The number one thing that sends me into a reading slump is reading the same genre too much. In the second half of the year, I hope to read more cozy mystery books, mystery thrillers, and literary fiction, but we will see!

In the first quarter, audio and print were about 50/50. THEN, my headphones got eaten by my Mom’s dog and I didn’t get new ones for a month or so.

However, I also read more print books because my library opened and I have been going pretty crazy. I’m not really bothered which one is higher than the other, I’m just happy to see how diversely I’m reading in this area in 2021 compared to previous years!

This stat makes me so SAD. I hate having so many 3 star books. Every time I have stepped out of my comfort zone this year, it hasn’t went well for me.

In the second half of the year, I just hope I don’t read as many 3 star books. 3 star books for me are just meh. I don’t want to be reading books that aren’t giving me much of any reaction. I would rather have a negative reaction than none at all.

I’m happy to see how many books I am reading that are In a series! I just need to finish more in the 2nd half of 2021.

Also, in the 1st quarter 33% of my reads were 1st in a series! I’m super happy that number has gone down drastically.

Here is the source of where I’m getting the books I have read. Library wasn’t even on the chart in the 1st quarter!

However, this is another one that I don’t really care to try to bend one way or the other. I do think Libby and Hoopla will go up in the next few months because I finally bought a new pair of headphones.

This chart is the main publisher of the books. I do have a seperate chart that tracks the subsidary /actual publisher of the books.

I have read from more publishers now that we are 6 months in compared to just the 1st quarter. The next stat shows this even more.

This is one that I wasn’t tracking before. I never really considered this until a few months ago, but it is important to read from more indie presses and self pubbed authors and I’ve been making a large effort to do so and it has worked!

The last stat I have for today is the year the book was published in.

I haven’t actually read ANY classics this year, which is odd for me. I don’t mind it much, but I do want to read, at least, a couple this year.

I want to specifically read The Count of Monte Cristo and maybe The Hunchback of Notre Dame. I really love French classics and I need to jump back into reading them soon!

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