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Unhauling Over 20 Books

Hello readers! Today I wanted to go over some books that I have gotten rid of recently. As of posting this, most of the books are already gone. We took them to our local Booksamillion and used the money to get more books. For the rest, they will be going to Little Free Libraries all over town.

I apologize in advance for any and all ranting that happens. If you like any of these books that I really didn’t, I’m super happy for you!

Before we go any further, I want to disclaim there are affiliate links and ads within this post. When you use my links, you will be supporting my content and I will make a small commission.

I think I got this book out of a little free library. Before I moved to the town I live in, I used to frequent those just about every week. I would put tons of books in them and sometimes take some out. There was even one in the apartment complex I used to live in.

This is a non-fiction multigenerational book about a Slovakian family who moved to America in the 1800s and I think has to do with immigrants being taken advantage of in the workplace.

I have had this book for a few years now and I just don’t think I will ever get to it. If I do want to read it, I’m sure I can snag a copy from the library, Libby, Hoopla, or somewhere else.

When I was 18 or 19, my Dad bought a couple storage units to make some extra cash and this was a book in there. I have attempted to read this a few times. It’s only books 3-6 in the Sherlock Holmes series and I just can’t do it. I just don’t enjoy short stories. I love the TV show, but this book series is NOT for me.

I read around half of this book before I DNF’d it. I just can’t see what anyone sees in it. This woman gets sent back in time and has to pretend to be married to a man named Jamie.

There were sex scenes in here wher the MC repeatedly says no every single time and we had to just read along while he just kept going.

Not only are we subjected to rape scenes over and over, but what really set me over the edge was the scene where he beats the crap out of her with a belt.

I went into this book thinking it was a romance and I think it is meant to be, but I don’t find rape and abuse romantic.

Everyone has their thing and this series is NOT mine.

I have the entire Selection series and I just don’t see the need to keep The Heir and The Crown. These two books are about the children of the love interests in the first trilogy.

These two were not as good as the original trilogy and I don’t think I should keep them just so I have a whole set. Like everyone else, I have limited shelf space and I want to only keep the books I really enjoy having.

I am getting rid of a lot of my manga, but for good reasons! I have the first 3 books in Death Note and I want the new Black editions. I’ve been wanting to reread this whole series for a while now. Originally, there are 12 Death Not books, but only 6 black editions AND there is this all-in-one edition that is one giant book with the whole thing. I just want better editions!

For Fullmetal Alchemist, I also have 3 books. However, I want to get the hardcover editions. I am not a HUGE fan of Fullmetal Alchemist, but my husband is and we want those nice editions. I didn’t even know that mangas came in hardcover before I saw this series.

I had some random books in this series. I think I had books 1,5,6,7, and 9, or something like that. This series is 74 volumes and I just think it would be more practical to have the 3-in-1s instead of all of them individually. I am hoping to start a challenge for myself to finish this series coming in the next few months.

This is one Stephen King book I haven’t read just yet, but I happen to have 2 copies and I don’t need 2, so I’m getting rid of one of them.

I think this is a thriller novel with a possible paranormal twist. It is about a man whose partner in crime is killed and he is haunted by his ghost.

I think I bought one and was gifted another one that I actually liked more, so I’m tossing my original copy.

Beach Read is a second chance romance about two authors who switch genres for their next books.

I wish we got to see more of the writing process, seems how that is the premise. We do get to see them learning how to write in one another’s genres, which is good. I thought the book should’ve been longer and I wish we could’ve seen more of the Mom and Shadi. There are some really interesting characters we didn’t see enough and some very bland characters we saw too much of.

I’m just not a contemporary romance kind of person and I have come to realize this in the last year or two.

I thought I was going to love this one. It is about 5 friends. They are about to graduate high school and will be going on many different life paths. They always play this game where one person is fake murdered and everyone else has to find out who did it. In the beginning, they are playing this game one last time and someone eventually gets murder for real and they have to find out the killer.

This book is VERY diverse. They are nonbinary, trans, and disabled characters. HOWEVER, I felt like they only had that one trait about them and I couldn’t keep them separated in my head. The genders, disabilities, and hardships of a person does not define them as a person and I felt like that was what this book did for its characters. They all had one thing in common and that is that they were sad. They weren’t even close and the friendships didn’t really feel like they were genuine.

The synopsis of this book tells you it is about a black woman who is stopped in a store and accused of kidnapping the white child she is babysitting. That synopsis is literally just the first chapter.

I thought this book was going to be about social media and the impact that racial profiling has on people of color. However, it really centered more on the white main character, who is the mother of the child that was being babysat.

I just think no one learned anything, gained anything, or won in this story. The ending was just kind of sad. I wish Reid did more with this tory because it cold have been a really impactful one.

I LOVE Sophie Kinsella’s books, but I did not like this one. Lara is paying her respects at her great aunt’s funeral, whom she has never met, when she sees the ghost of the aunt. The Great Aunt tells Lara that someone has stolen her necklace and Lara HAS to find it or she wont be able to move on into the afterlife.

This book is SOOO different from anything she has ever written and I just didn’t love it. Lara was bending over backwards to let this dead aunt she never met live through her and the aunt was so ungrateful for all the help. I DNFd this book a few times and did TRY to finish it, but I just decided I wont finish it, OR I’ll get it from the library.

This book is about a four friends who went to a boarding school together until they were expelled (more on that later). A death brings them all back together and the story takes off from there.

There are a LOT of things that made me dislike this book. I really despised the MCs attitude toward her husband. She had to make it a point every five minutes that she loved her child MORE than she loved him, as if it’s a competition. She acted as if her husband was incapable of watching their baby and was extremely possessive of the baby. I can’t imagine treating my husband the way she was treating hers.

This book also has the cheating trope, which is one of my most hated tropes. Does anyone even like that trope? Authors PLEASE stop using the cheating trope.

One of the friends was a black Muslim woman and I hated that the other three (white) women were questioning why she was wearing a hijab. That is so disrespectful. People are allowed to change how they practice their religion from the last time you saw them.

The worst thing was something that happened in the past that was brushed over. One of the girls’s dad was a teacher at their boarding school. He was painting pictures of them naked and ALL of them were expelled for it. He was given no repercussions and it was brushed off that this even happened. In the present time, all the characters would talk about it like it wasn’t a big deal. It just drove me insane.


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5 thoughts on “Unhauling Over 20 Books

  1. I love The Selection series! I must agree though that those two books really didn’t add much to the world or the story and I didn’t like them anywhere near as much as the main series. I have to disagree with you about Outlander though and I am so gutted that it didn’t turn out to be your thing because it’s one of my favourites!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is a great post to read.
    Your short summaries are really good and it’s nice to hear your thoughts, positive and negative about some of these books.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I never got past page 30 or 40 of Outlander, so I’m glad to know it never actually got any better. Reading about repetitive rape and abuse does not sound like fun.

    Liked by 1 person

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