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Series I’ve Started in 2021 (2nd Quarter)

Hello readers! Today’s post is a follow up to a post I did a few months ago where I listed all the series I started in the first 3 months of the year. I started 15 series in the 1st quarter of the year and 10 in the 2nd quarter. That has to be more series than in any other year!

I started and finished this series in one month. I just mentioned it in my last post, but it is about a girl who gets a letter from herself in the future detailing how she needs to change some things to save a boy she just met from dying.

This was such a wonderful manga series and is the shortest one I have ever read. I hope to read more short manga series in the future!

I read this series in 2011, I think. Cirque Du Freak is one of my favorite series of all time. My husband bought me the box set for my birthday and I’ve been rereading it ever since.

It has since been renamed The Saga of Darren Shan, which is the main characters name AND the authors name. Without giving too much away, this series is about a boy named Darren, who one day goes to this secret, illegal Cirque Du Freak and he steals this huge spider. Some bad things happen because of this and he has to become a vampire’s apprentice to fix it.

I am now 3 books into my reread and hope to finish it in 2021!

I started and read 15 books in this graphic novel series. I think there are going to be 20 total volumes, but my library only had 15. This is a really fun series! So far, I have seen a lot of complaints about the lack of an overarching plotline. It doesn’t have that, but I don’t mind. I like when books are episodic.

My biggest issue with it is that the art style changes just about every book and sometimes in the middle of a book! The original art style was just so perfect and none of the others can match up. However, I did enjoy reading these when I did and I hope my library gets the rest once they come out.

I read all 5 volumes of Goldie Vance and I liked each one less than the previous one. There is a f/f romance and we barely got to see any of it, which I didn’t love.

I’ve been told this is a lot like Nancy Drew, so you might love these books if you like Nancy Drew! I haven’t read it before myself.

I don’t know if there will be more books in this graphic novel series, but I won’t be reading them.

My husband and I watched this entire show earlier this year, so I decided to read the original material. I really loved reading the first few books in this series and I currently have a few from the library, I just need to get to them! I’m hoping to start buying the compendiums in the future, so I don’t have to get them from the library anymore.

The books are vastly different from the TV show including some characters that don’t exist in the books like Daryl, Beth, and Sasha. However, I’m really loving the couples! I just laugh every time I see a couple together that I know would NEVER happen in the show! I recommend giving it a shot if you love the show!

This is my favorite book of 2021! It is about Bryce, who is out partying and drinking one day when her best friend, and some other people, are viscously murdered.

Two years later, no one has any idea who committed the murder. She is tasked, along with an angel named Hunt Athalar, to find the killer.

I loved this book! I loved all the characters and their banter! I loved that Bryce was kind of badass, but also girly. I loved Ruhn’s character and hope we get to see much more of him in book 2. By the end, I was feeling every emotion. I loved this book and I’m devistated that the 2nd book isn’t out yet!

Spells Trouble was a book that I was SOO excited to read this year and I just didn’t love it. I have read a ton of books by both authors and this one is my least favorite.

I thought P.C. Cast had grown so much as an author from House of Night to Tales of a New World, and this book was a step back. I loved House of Night as a teen, but those books have not aged well at all.

I am really sad to say I will not be reading from this series in the future.

My library had book 1 of this series, so I finally decided to read it. I didn’t end up loving it. It was a cute m/m romance, but I just wanted more from it.

The story finally started to get interesting and just ended and my library doesn’t have any more of the books. I’m not sure if it would be worth buying the rest of the series.

Throne of Glass was such a HUGE disappointment for me. However, I want to keep reading the series. It I supposed to be about a girl who is thrust into a competition to be the Royal Assassin, BUT most of the actual competition is skimmed over.

The story is really about a string of murders and the MC trying to solve the murders. I just wanted to actual storyline and to see more of the competition!

I do love SJM, so I will be trying, at least, one more book in this series.

This is an independently published cozy mystery series about a woman who buys a bakery.

I really loved that we got to meet the main character before she opens the bakery! I’ve read one other cozy mystery series and the MC already owned the bakery for a long time before the book started.

Hoopla only had the 1st two books in the series, so I’m going to get the rest on my Kindle in the future. There are only 3 published and 6 announced.

The ebook of this one is currently available for FREE on Kindle!

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5 thoughts on “Series I’ve Started in 2021 (2nd Quarter)

  1. Funnily enough, I also started and finished, the Throne of Glass series this year. I wasn’t that impressed with the first book either and put off reading the second book in favour of trying The Shades of Magic trilogy (which I devoured). I then went back to Throne of Glass and the second book was much better. I really enjoyed the rest of the series, but in comparison, Crescent City just blew it out of the water.

    I’ve been reading her other series, A Court of Thorns and Roses which is also quite good. It’s not blowing me away as much as Crescent City did, but it’s almost there.

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