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Down the TBR Hole #6

Hello reader! I’m back with yet another Down the TBR Hole. I’m really enjoying doing this biweekly challenge.

If you don’t know, Down the TBR Hole was created by Lost in a Story and is meant to help you go through your Want to Read shelf on Goodreads 5-10 books at a time and remove books from it. My goal is to get it under 100, which is where I prefer it to be.

Before we go any further, I want to disclaim there are affiliate links and ads within this post. When you use my links, you will be supporting my content and I will make a small commission.

In the last one, I ended on 140 books, but I’m back up at 142. It isn’t very hard to remove old books, but it is hard to not add things to it all the time!

In Down the TBR Hole #1, I had 152 books and have currently taken 19 books off out of the 59 we have went over. I hope to get it down below 100, but we will see!


This is a foodie romance book and I am going to remove it, even though I love foodie books. I know, I know. My reasoning for this is that it’s YA.

I’m trying to read less YA because I’m just not loving it as much anymore. I’m not writing YA off completely, but I only want to read YA that I am sure I’ll love.


I’m going to remove this one for the same reason. I know it’s about a girl and her cousin, who own a K-beauty business. A new guy moves to town and starts a rival shop.

As an ACE person who doesn’t really like romance as a genre, I’m not sure why I have so many YA romances on my shelf.


The Last Ever After is the 3rd book in a middle grade series called The School for Good and Evil. I started this series last year and read the first two books almost consecutively and never continued.

This series is about two girls named Sophie and Agatha, who are essentially kidnapped and taken to these schools. When Agatha and Sophie get sorted, one into the Good school and one into the Evil school, one has to train to be a Princess and the other an Evil villain.

I think this series is meant to mock fairy tales and the idea of people be inherently good or evil without getting to choose either way. As of now, I plan to continue this series, so it will be staying.

I added this book before it even had a title. I’m happy to see it has a title, cover, and release date! From the synopsis, this looks like a retelling of Romeo and Juliet!

I read Emily X.R. Pan’s debut book last year and I’m excited to read more from her. I know, this is a YA book, but I’m really excited to get to it next year!

The logic might not make sense, but it does to me! 😂


So, this is ANOTHER YA, but it is staying. This series retells different stories of Disney Princesses. This one is about Belle, and the second will follow Mulan.

I just love retellings and I’m really hoping I will love this series, too!


One thing I have been actively trying to do in 2021 is read MORE books with physical disability rep.

This book is inspired by the deaf community on the island of Martha’s Vineyard in the early 19th century. For over 200 years, Martha’s Vineyard was home to the largest deaf community in America and they also created the sign language people use today.

I never knew this was going to be a series, but the 2nd book comes out in September, so I might just get to it VERY soon.


I tried to read The Only Good Indians back in December and I just wasn’t into it. There wasn’t anything specifically that I didn’t like, it just didn’t interest me.

I think I’m going to remove this one and maybe try something else by him first. He has so many books other than this one to go for.


This is yet another YA romance on my list. I think I wanted to read it for Buzzwordathon back in April or March for the buzzword of TIME.

I’m going to remove it because it just shouldn’t be on here in the first place! I’m sure other people will love this book who like romance books, but I’m not one of those people.


This one is a middle grade book. I think I added this because there was a giveaway on Goodreads for it.

It seems like a middle grade book with a ton of adventure and mystery, so I’m still excited to get to it!


The last book for this round is another YA romance. I know I added this because I was interested in the author.

I’m still interested in the author, but I want to try a different book by her first. I know she has middle grade books that I’m much more likely to love instead of a YA romance book.

Start: 142

End: 139

Total Removed: 23

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