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July Wrap Up 2021

Hello readers! July is now over and it’s that time again where I go over what I read in the month. I had a really amazing reading month. I enjoyed almost everything I read! Let’s just jump right in!

Before we go any further, I want to disclaim there are affiliate links and ads within my posts. When you use my links, you will be supporting my content and I will make a small commission. I also have a Ko-Fi, linked at the bottom, if you would like to support me in that way.


I found this book at the bookstore for one dollar, so I decided to pick it up. It’s about this kid named Rusty-James, who used to be in this gang. There is a lot about fighting and his brother, who everyone makes clear is better than him in every way.

I thought it was okay. I think it should’ve been a bit longer and I wish it had more of a plot to it.


One Last Stop is about August, who moves to a new town. She takes this train everyday to work and notices she sees Jane, the same woman, in the same clothes, on the same car every time. She comes to realize that Jane is stuck on the train and is from a different time and she must find a way to help her get off it.

This is my favorite book I read in July! I was skeptical going in because I really did NOT like Red, White, and Royal Blue. However, this book was the opposite of everything I didn’t like in their previous book. I thought the romance had a really great build up and was believable. It’s hard for me to like romance books if I can’t believe the relationship is realistic.

The writing was better, the romance was WAY better, the characters were more fleshed out, and there was an actual plot that I cared about in this one.


Yearbook is a memoir by and about Seth Rogen. This book was quite a wild ride, but I really enjoyed it. Most of the stories are about his childhood, doing drugs, meeting celebrities, and a few stories about TV shows and movies he has participated in.

If you like Seth Rogen, you would most likely enjoy this book and find it interesting!


Big Little Lies is about this town where all these Moms have kids that go to the same school. They are all going through different things in their life. In the beginning, there is a murder, but we don’t get to know WHO is murdered. Then, we flashback to a few months before the scene, and get a ton of backstory about why said person was killed.

I rated this one higher than expected. I think I said in a WWW Wednesday post that I thought I would give it 3 stars. I think it was just really slow and I thought more would happen. I did guess WHO gets murdered, but not who did it. I wish this audiobook had multiple narrators, but I enjoyed it overall.


I got this book on Libby on a whim. It is about this girl who find this robot in the back of a store she sometimes helps out at and brings it to life. In the beginning of the story, we see the robot having a meltdown and throwing food at people at Maya’s science fair, then go back in time before she found the robot in the first place.

This was a cute book about a girl trying to cope with so many changes in her life. She just started a new grade and doesn’t have class or lunch with her two best friends, so she is struggling with not having any friends to talk to. There is also a plotline about the son of the owner of the store she finds the robot at, which was pulling at my heartstrings.


Survive the Night is about a girl who hitches a ride home from college. Her college roommate and best friend has just been murdered and she feels sort of responsible for this.

As she is riding in the car with this guy, she starts to suspect he is lying about who he is and worries he might be the killer, ready to kill her next.

I was so surprised to love this book. I read Final Girls by him before and I just couldn’t stand anything about it. I didn’t like how the female characters were portrayed. No one had any sense in that book. I just couldn’t stand it.

I told myself I wouldn’t read anything by him again, yet here we are. I wasn’t planning to read this one, but I am in a thriller book club on Instagram and they were reading it, so I thought I should give it a chance.

I loved this book! I loved Charlie’s character. She was so hard on herself for something she really couldn’t have prevented. I have read some other, negative reviews, and they all said they didn’t think the villain made sense, but it didn’t bother me! My jaw literally dropped when the killer was revealed. I really like that Charlie was passionate about movies! I feel like we never see someone being obsessed over something that regular, every day people love.

I think it was cool that it played out like a movie! I hope Survive the Night is adapted into a movie one day because that diner scene would be so tense to see on screen.

For what I didn’t like, I DID NOT understand what her delusions were supposed to add to the story or why she was having them. That was just an odd add in. Also, the very last chapter was weird to me and I thought it was not needed and could’ve been scrapped altogether. PLEASE let me know what you thought of that last chapter, if you have read it!


Nine Perfect Strangers is about nine people that go to a health resort for various reasons in their lives. We follow 11 perspectives, which is too damn many.

Moriarty doesn’t do enough with the different perspectives to make them distinctive. I wish we had different narrators for each person, or something.

I just didn’t like this book. It didn’t really have a plot and I thought a lot of what happened was so weird. I don’t like that she always creates women with body issues, but they never learn to love themselves!

This book was just weird. About half way through the book, this scene happens and just changes the whole vibe of the story. It was so weird and I can’t say why because of spoilers, but if you have read this , YOU KNOW.


The last book, A Little Life is about a man named Jude and follows him for about 30 years and we get flashbacks from his childhood. We get a few different perspectives of people in his life.

I agree this book is a VERY sad book. It is sad from the beginning and only gets more sad as you read it. I thought it would be a normal book with a sad ending, but nope. Jude’s life wasn’t good from the very start. I gave it 4 stars because I wish Malcolm were in the book more. His character didn’t matter much, even though the author started a really interesting narrative with him in the beginning of the book.

I also wish most of the people did things differently than they did, especially the medical professionals in Jude’s life. This book reminded me a lot of a book that would be written during the realism ERA. Those books were made to be sad all the way through and have a sad ending.

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