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Why I Don’t Reread Books

Hello readers! We are approaching the end of August and I’m surprised how fast this year has gone! I thought I would do a bit of a post about why I don’t like to reread books.

It is so odd. I always see people reading and rereading books they love. Many people can say they have a favorite book and have read it over and over, but I don’t do that.

I especially think it’s crazy when people unhaul books because they won’t read them again. I most likely will not read ANY of my books again.

Why I think other people do it.

I can only assume that most people do this to feel more connected to the story. I think a lot of readers are the type who read to escape and spending as much time as they can in that book can feel comforting.

I assume they like to reread a book and see all the clues the author left to solve the crime or build the world.

I also see people rereading books in fantasy series to refresh themselves on details in books. I do a tabbing system so I can reread certain sections, IF NEEDED. Let me know in the comments if you would like to know how I annotate books!

Why I don’t.

I am not one of those readers who reads to escape. I don’t even re-watch movies. I read for the experience and the emotions I feel. My favorite aspect of books is that I can experience all the love, devistation, joy, and hardship the characters face, without ever doing those things myself.

I feel as though the impact is lost upon a second read/watch. One of my motivations to read so fast is the anticipation to get to the end, and that can’t happen if I’ve experienced the story already. Usually, a book gets 5 stars from me because of how it makes me feel and I know I won’t be able to replicate the feelings or reactions upon reread.

Sometimes I will pick a book up intending to reread it, read 20 pages, and then get really bored of the story.

Another reason I don’t reread books, even if it’s been a long time, is I’m afraid I’ll HATE the book. I remember reading Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell when it was released and I LOVED that book. I didn’t like the ending, but overall I liked it. In 2018, I reread the book and HATED every minute of it. I wish I just left the experience of reading it in the past.

PLEASE LET ME KNOW if you are like me and don’t reread books!

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6 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Reread Books

  1. That is quite interesting. I have re-read books many times in the past, especially when I was younger. Any book that I have read, and don’t plan on re-reading, I donate to my local library. For me, re-reading books reminds me why I fell in love with the book in the first place.

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  2. I don’t re-read most books either! There are too many interesting books out there waiting to be read and not enough time to read them all! Re-reading is also harder to do with library books, which make up much of what I read nowadays.

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  3. It’s really rare that I reread books to be honest. I only ever do it if I am about to start a book that is maybe part of a series and it’s been a really long time since I read it so I need to refresh my memory. I also like to revisit Harry Potter every few years just because I actually do love it so much so it is an exception to the general rule!

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