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Fall Into Reading-athon TBR

Hello readers! I am back from an unscheduled break over the weekend. Nothing happened, I just felt like taking the weekend off. I am back with a TBR for a readathon that starts today and goes until the 26th. I have done every round of this for the past two year except the summer one this year. I’m just a sucker for a good readathon.

Fall into Reading-athon takes place once a season and is hosted by Completely Melanie, Reads Reader, and Kaylani Simply Me over on Booktube.

1. School’s in Session: Read the group book or buddy read a book.

Every round of this readathon has a group book and Perfect On Paper is this ones. I don’t know if I will get this one in time, but I have put in on hold on Libby. I will hopefully get to it this week, but might not if I don’t get it.

2. Online Learning: Read an ebook or listen to an audio book.

I really need to get to this one this week! I want to finish the Shopaholic series this year and in order to do that, I need to read one book a month until December.

It’s also on my Bookoplathon TBR and I really want to get to it this month!

3. Friday Night Lights: Read a a book involving a competition. (example: a contest, sports, games, or tournament)

This one may be stretching it, but I think it works. There is a love triangle in this book and a love triangle is kind of a competition! I am hoping choosing this one is okay.

I have been making my way through this series over the last month or so, and I really didn’t like the previous book, so I have high hopes for this onel.

4. Who Wants Candy Corn?: Read a book with white, orange, and/or yellow on the cover.

This book happens to have all 3 colors on the cover and is also on my Bookoplathon TBR for this month.

All I know about this one, is it’s about a girl who really loves science and wants to one day work for NASA.

5. Pumpkin Spiced Lattes & Apple Picking: Read a book with a fruit or beverage on the cover or in the title.

I read the first 2 books in this series way earlier this year before this one came out. It took me too long to find a book for this prompt!

However, this is the PERFECT opportunity to finish out a series while reading a graphic novel, which will easily fill a prompt.

6. Beneath the Harvest Moon: Channel your inner beast and read something paranormal.

I was going to get The Book of Accidents on this TBR one way or another. I listened to 30% of this audiobook on Saturday, but didn’t read anything on Sunday.

I know this book involves ghosts somehow. It is sort of all over the place and I’m not sure how all the elements of the story connect. I’m not loving it so far, but we will just have to see once I get a bit farther along.

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