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October TBR + Spooktober & MU Readathon

Hello readers! Today’s post is my VERY ambitious TBR for October featuring 2 readathons. I have too many books on this TBR, but I would love to get to them all. This TBR has me really excited for the spooky season! Let me know if you are participating in these readathons and what teams you are on!

I have two readathons planned for this month, one being a Monsters University themed one (I’m on team OK) and the other is Spooktober (I’m on team serial killer).

Here are the prompts for both readathons:

The first book on this TBR is Monday’s Not Coming. This is the group book for the OK team in the MU readathon.

I know this one is about a girl named Monday who goes missing and her friend is trying to find her.

I chose my team based on this being the group book. Does anyone else choose teams for readathons based on the group book?

Billy Summers is the only book that I managed to make work for BOTH readathons. This one fits the MU readathon prompt Toxicity Challenge: Read a book over 500 pages AND the Spooktober prompt to read a slow burn thriller.

I can only assume based on the size of the book AND the fact that it’s Stephen King that will be a slow burn type of book. Despite SK being my favorite author, I haven’t actually read anything by him this year and I’m ready to fix that!

Billy Summers is a hit man who only kills people who deserve it. However, he has been doing this job for a really long time and wants to quit. However, he has one last job to do and things go awry.

This is the 7th book in the Cirque Du Freak series. As you all know, I am making my way through rereading this series. This one fits the MU prompt Avoid the Parent: Read a book set in a different country than you live in. Darren Shan is british, so these books take place in England.

Cirque Du Freak is about a kid named Darren Shan (yes that is also the authors name) who has to become a vampire as a result of a VERY bad decision be makes involving a poisonous spider.

The Sea Witch is the 5th book in the Wicked Villains series. This is the last book in the series that available through audio on Hoopla, but there is one more in the series.

This one fits the MU prompt Don’t Scare the Teen: Read a book with 2 POVs. All the books in this series have 2 or 3 POVS in the perspective of both sides of the romance. I truly wish there were more romance books out there with 2 POVs!

This is the 6th book in the Cirque Du Freak series, the 7th one was mentioned earlier. After this one, I will be halfway to the end, and I’m excited to have read these all over again!

The Vampire Prince fulfills the MU prompt Hide and Seek: Read a book where one of the characters in on the run. Due to something that happened in the last book, a ton of people are out to kill Darren and he will be on the run in this one.

Eye of the World fits the MU prompt Simulated Scare: Read a popular book.

I’m joining a readalong this month of Brandon Sanderson’s book that are not within the Cosmere. If you don’t know, the last 3 books in the Wheel of Time are written by Sanderson. After Robert Jordan died, his wife hired Sanderson to finish his series.

I have read about 70 pages of this before, but I was really lost. I think it’s because I was reading it in-between commercials of a Lakers game. I’m giving it another chance next month and I hope I like it more this time.

The Final Girl Support Group fits the Spooktober prompt to read a thriller with a serial killer.

I know this one is about 6 women who were final girls and now meet in a support group with one another. I’m not 100% sure if this one has a serial killer, but I’m pretty sure it does. If it ends up NOT being what I think it is, I will read something else for this prompt.

Lock Every Door fits the prompt for host recommendation. I have read 2 books by Sager, one I loved and one I hated. This is going to be the tie breaker for me.

This one is about a girl who is house sitting in this apartment building. She makes friends with another sitter right before she goes missing and the MC is trying to find out what possibly happened to her.

Plain Bad Heroines fits the prompt to read a thriller set in a boarding school. I think this is more horror than thriller, but I’m picking it anyways.

I had to fit my new book club’s pick somewhere on this TBR as it is a HUGE book.

This one follows two a few girls at a boarding school who were in some sort of group called the Plain Bad Heroines Society. There are a few deaths on the property of the boarding school and it eventually gets closed down.

In the future timeline, a movie is being filmed on location of this boarding school and spooky things start happening.

Such a Quiet Place fulfills the prompt of a thriller with a blue cover. I don’t know why, but this prompt was REALLY hard to figure out.

This one is about a town where not much happened, until a husband and wife are murdered in their neighborhood and over the next few years, no one can sell a house in this part of town. The person who is convicted of the crime gets let out and comes right back to the neighborhood and secrets are revealed about what actually happened during the night of the murders.

The last prompt is a poll pick. I was really hoping Rock Paper Scissors would win and it did! I have been participating in a thriller book club called for the last few months and this is the book for October. I have not even heard of this book before everyone voted to read it.

Rock Paper Scissors is about a couple who go on a vacation to celebrate 10 years of marriage in Scotland. They think they won this trip, but someone is not telling the truth and a few secrets will be revealed.

This is the last book on my TBR. It doesn’t fill any of the readathon prompts, but nonetheless I want to read it in October.

Shopaholic to the Stars is the 7th book in the Shopaholic series. I am so close to finishing this series and I’m excited for it to be over!

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