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September Wrap Up

Hello readers! I’m here to let you all know what I read in September. My reading went really well. I read every book on my TBR except one, which is better than I’ve done in most previous months. Most importantly, I finished my Bookopoly TBR!

I did participate in the Fall Into Reading-athon this month. If you want to see what I read for that CLICK HERE as I won’t be going over them again here. So, let’s just jump right in!


Saving Hanno is a book about a Jewish boy and his dog and takes place during WWII. He keeps getting separated from his dog Hanno.

It was a really cute story, but I wish it were a bit longer because I felt the ending was left a bit open. The topics weren’t too heavy and I think it is the perfect holocaust related book for middle grade readers.If you are interested in reading this and want to know if the dog dies, just ask me on Twitter or something.


Dark Matter is about a guy named Jason who lives with his wife Daniela and teen son. One day he gets kidnapped and thrust into a different dimension where his son doesn’t exist and he was never married to Daniela. He has to journey through the story to get back to his family in his world.

I thought this one was just okay. I enjoyed Recursion so much more. I do think this book reminds me of one of those action movies staring Jason Stathem or Liam Neesan. I don’t really like those type of movies, so this one just wasn’t for me. I don’t know how to say what I do and don’t like without spoilers, so I’ll leave it there.

⭐⭐⭐⭐ (for both)

These 2 are the 4th and 5th books in the Cirque Du Freak series. Cirque Du Freak is about a kid named Darren Shan (yes that is also the authors name) who has to become a vampire as a result of a VERY bad decision be makes involving a poisonous spider.

In my opinion, these 2 books shouldv’e been one. Vampire Mountain has no plot and is just set up for Trials of Death. However, Trials of Death is my favorite in the series!


These two are the 3rd and 4th books in the Wicked Villains series. I really didn’t like A Worthy Opponent, which centers around Tink and Hook. I didn’t enjoy the characters. I knew I probably wouldn’t like this book from the 1st time Tink showed up in the series. Also, I feel like the plot is almost the exact same as book 1 with Jasmine and Jafar and there was this one thing that REALLY bothered me about the end, but it’s a spoiler. However, I did like The Beast, even though it has the least amount of plot in the series. I did still like it much more than A Worthy Opponent. The Beast is a love triangle between The Beast, Belle, and Gaston.


I don’t know what is was about A Touch of Darkness, but I suddenly had the urge to read it and binged both of these back to back.

They are a fantasy romance about Persephone and Hades, sort of a dislike to lovers type romance. I really hope that this author writes a book with Hermes as a love interest/MC. His friendship with Persephone was amazing. This series just reminds me of the books I loved as a teen. They are written like a YA, but with smut. The friendships are strong and the entire series is filled with drama and I love it.


Caste was a really interesting book. It is a BIG book for a non-fiction at almost 600 pages. It’s about caste systems in America, India in present day, and in Germany during WWII. All of the caste systems show the flaws of them because you cannot choose what caste system your in. It is mostly based on race or color of skin.

I wish it were actually 2 books instead of 1. She brought up a lot of interesting topics in the last 100 pages that I thought could’ve been fleshed out much more.

It was really tough to read this all at once, so I read it between other books. The topics are heavy and it’s very dense. However, I am happy that I read this book!


Blackout is a book of romance short stories. Each story takes place in the summer in NYC during a blackout. I stepped pretty far out of my comfort zone when trying this one and it didn’t pay off. I don’t really like short stories or contemporary style romance.

HOWEVER, if you like short stories, I highly think you would enjoy it. Actually, if you enjoyed the movie In the Heights, you might like this, too.


The last book of this month is the 2nd book in the Murderbot series which is about this genderless cyborg named Murderbot, who has been hacked and as a result has human emotions.

I don’t think book two quite lived up to book one, but I still enjoyed it. I really like Murderbot as a character and I will continue to follow them/it in the next books. I usually complain about short books being too short, but I think these books are the perfect size.

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