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Series I’ve Started in 2021 (3rd Quarter)

Hello readers! Today I am going over the series I have started in the 3rd quarter of this year. If you missed it, CLICK here for the 14 series I started in the 1st quarter and CLICK here for the 10 series I started in the 2nd quarter of the year.

I have started WAY too many series in 2021 and this quarter has been a bit better than usual. So, let’s go over those series and see what ones I actually plan to finish and have continued!

I requested this book earlier in the year on NetGalley and was approved. At the time, I had no idea it would eventually be the 1st in a series. I think they are going to be companion novels, but I’m not 100% sure.

Battle Royale is a rivals to lovers foodie romance. Sylvie was voted off a cooking show by a judge named Dominic. Later on, they compete against one another to create a wedding cake for royal family member named Princess Rose.

I have now read 2 books in the Murderbot series. This series is about a genderless cyborg named Murderbot who has been hacked and is now “rogue”. Murderbot is just like a human now and loves TV, but no one can know or they will have him destroyed.

I am really loving this series. I actually like that the books are really short. Usually I feel like short books are missing something, but Murderbot is a great character to follow and I’m enjoying the ride.

This is a series of companion (VERY SMUTTY) romance novels centered around the heroine from Disney movies and the villain of that story. It has been a WILD ride reading these the last few months, but I really love them and how dramatic they are.

This first one is about Jasmine and Jafar. They don’t have much of a plot. The plot usually picks up in the last 30% of the books, but on the plus side, they aren’t very long.

I have now read the first 4 books in the series and I’m excited to keep going and eventually catch up, as I believe this is ongoing.

The last series is the Hades and Persephone series. I read the first two books back to back this last month. I have seen so many bad reviews for them, but I really enjoy this series. I love the dramatics and all the characters. This series really reminds me of the books I read as a teen. It reads like a YA, but there is quite a bit of smut in it.

I randomly had the urge to pick this series up last month and I do not regret it one bit. It is ongoing, but I’m hoping to catch up on the series before another one is released.

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