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3rd Quarter Reading stats

Hello readers! Today’s post is all about my reading stats for the 3rd quarter of 2021. I have done this post twice this year, one being 1st Quarter Reading Stats, and another for the 1st half of the year.

In the 3rd quarter of the year, I read 12,728 pages across 38 books. This quarter I read the least amount of books, but I’m still happy with it!

This one shows the age group of the books I read. One of my goals was to read WAY less YA in 2021. I read a TON in the 2nd quarter of the year, but have dialed it back a lot in this 3rd quarter. I hope to keep YA books this low for the foreseeable future.

This chart shows what format the books I read were in. One major difference in this last quarter is the amount of audiobooks I have listened to. I just go through phases of only listening to books and only physically reading them, but sometimes I switch back and forth.

Here is my breakdown of genres. I really can’t read more than 3 books in the same genre in a row without going into a slump, so I am ALL over the place every month. What is really odd is that I was an romance anti before 2021, and now my most read genre is Fantasy Romance. I think I really found what I like in romance this year.

This one shows where I acquired the books from. Along with listening to a ton more audiobooks this quarter, I have also increased my Libby and Hoopla usage. Hoopla is just a really amazing place to find self published authors and I’m trying to read more and more of them.

I’m so surprised that almost 20% of my reading was self published! This chart actually shows the main publisher and not the subsidiary publishers where the books were actually published. I do track that, too, but that is a different chart.

This one shows the publishing date of the books. I read 1 book published in the 70s and that is the oldest book I read in 2021! I need to get to more classics in 2022, for sure. I am surprised that most of my reading ended up being 2021 releases. I don’t feel like I read that many, but apparently I did.

The next one is gender of authors. I don’t know what is is about this year that has drawn me to female authors over everything. I just wish the scale wasn’t so unbalanced. I hope to read MORE male and NB authors in the future.

I don’t usually share this, but here is the breakdown of ethnicity of author. USW means US white author, USB means US black author, UKW means British white author. I still read white American authors the most, but my reading only gets more diverse every year.

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