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November TBR + Believathon

Hello readers! It’s finally the time of year for another middle grade readathon. Sadly, this will be the very last Believathon! I need more middle grade readathons in my life. PLEASE let me know if you are participating in Believathon! I need more middle grade reader friends.

Believathon was created by How To Train Your Gavin on Booktube. There are 30 prompts and you are suppose to print the prompt cards and pick them at random, but I just did the ones that would fit the books I wanted to read. I’ve been saving up a lot of MG books for this readathon and I’m hoping to knock them ALL off my TBR this November.

The Runaway Dolls fit prompt 4, a book with illustrations. This entire series has illustrations through the books made by Brian Selznick. This is the 3rd book in the Doll People series.

The Doll People series is about a doll named Annabelle Doll (Doll being her last name) and her new friend Tiffany Funcraft, who go on a journey in the house to find her Auntie Doll who went missing 60 years prior.

Rise of the Isle of the Lost is the 3rd book in the Descendents series and fits prompt 7, set in a faraway place.

I’m enjoying this series so far, but I really want to have it finished at some point. I’ve been reading it WAY too long.

Allies of the Night is the 8th book in the Cirque Du Freak series and fits the 8th prompt, to continue a series. Killers of the Dawn is the 9th book and fits prompt 18, to read a short book. The Lake of Souls is the 10th book and will go for the 9th prompt, read a book featuring water.

I’m really trying to finish this series this year. I might go ahead and finish the series, but for now, I’m only adding these to the TBR. I am loving rereading these books after so long and I hope to try more of Shan’s works in the future. I did try some outside of this series before and didn’t like any of the books I tried.

Book Scavenger is the 1st book in the Book Scavenger series and fits prompt 11, released before 2021.

I was looking for more mystery middle grade series and found Book Scavenger. It is a game where anyone can read the puzzles online to find hidden books. This book has a real website and can be played in real life, if you live in the right place.

Anya and the Dragon is the 1st book in the Anya series and fits prompt 12, a creature in the title.

In this one, Anya is employed by this family to help capture this dragon. The only issue is, she meets the dragon and becomes friends with it. She then has to choose between this dragon and her family.

When it comes to middle grade, I don’t commonly read fantasy because it’s not my favorite genre within middle grade. However, I think I’m sometimes missing out by never trying any.

Night of the Living Dummy II fits prompt 14, a book from your childhood.

I picked up book one in this series in October on a whim and now think I might just read all the Goosebumps books. I read almost exclusively Goosebumps book in middle school and really miss reading them. It will take me a hot minute to read them all, knowing the series is around 60 books.

The Trials of Morrigan Crow is the 1st book in the Nevermoor series and fits prompt 15, A How to Train Your Gavin recommendation.

Wundersmith, book 2, will fit prompt 28, most recent purchase.

I found both of these books at the bookstore for less than 10 dollars together. The Nevermoor series is extremely popular among middle grade lovers and it’s about time I read it!

Nevermoor is about a girl who is destined to die on her 11th birthday. She is then whisked away by a man named Jupiter North to a magical city called Nevermoor. I know this book has trials, which is one of my favorite tropes of all time. I have yet to dislike a book that features trials.

This one fits prompt 21, a scary book. I’m not sure how scary I think it will be, but the purpose is to be scary.

The Rowley Jefferson series is a spin-off of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. The first book follows Rowley and his interactions with Greg, but the next two books are stories written by Rowley. The 2nd book was absolutely wild and nonsensical and I can’t wait to try this one next.

Inkheart is the 1st book in the Inkworld series. I’ve been wanting to read this series for a long time now and I’m finally getting to it. This one fits prompt 29, a book with an adaptation.

I’ve already seen the movie for Inkheart, but it inspired me to want to read the whole series. I wish I could get the editions that Gavin himself has because they are so pretty.

This book follows a girl named Meggie and her father who can both read characters and people in and out of books, but cannot control who or what goes in or comes out when they do. A few years before, Meggie’s dad read her mother into book and they have been trying to find a way to get her out ever since.

A Boy Called Christmas fits prompt 30, a cover buy.

I picked this one up in the middle grade section of the book store. It was on sale, by an author I had heard of before, and is about Christmas. I have no idea what the book is about, but I am excited to try it out.

I just now realized it is the 1st book in a series. I am starting too many series this month, but we will just let 2022 Allison worry about that.

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