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October 2021 Wrap Up

Hello readers! It is finally November. I hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween. I had a lot of fun trick or treating last night, but it was exhausting. My daughter went as Belle and I am not that great at hair but think I did pretty good at it. CLICK HERE to see pics.

I want to let everyone know I’m taking my quarterly break starting tomorrow. I love posting and seeing all your comments, but I still need a break. I’m hoping to plan some changes to my blog for 2022 while I’m gone AND lot’s of reading, too!

As far as my reading goes, I didn’t love most of what I read, but I’m hoping for that to change in November.

The Sea Witch is the 5th book in the Wicked Villains series.

I read book 3, A Worth Opponent in September and one of my biggest issues is that it’s so similar to Desperate Measures, book 1. I have the same issue here. This one was a mix of Learn My Lesson, book 2, and The Beast, book 4.

All 3 books are thruples, for one. In both Learn My Lesson and The Sea Witch, the MC is used for revenge against their parents until the love interest falls for them. ALSO, in both The Sea Witch AND The Beast, the MC makes a sort of sex pact. I just wish all these books were not recycled in the plot! I still have 1 left in this series, unless she adds onto it, and I’m hoping for a good ending.

Lock Every Door is about a girl who becomes a paid apartment sitter. She makes friends with another apartment sitter, whose just below her until she goes missing, but no one is looking for her. She finds that this apartment building has a lot more secrets than she bargained form

I do have to say this is a good story. It is a good mix between thriller and mystery. There are some really thrilling scenes and a good mystery to solve. I liked the reveal at the end and the ending that came along with it. I never would’ve guessed it! However, I did kind of guess who was shady from the beginning. It really reminds me of this movie on Hulu called 1BR. It’s really messed up like this one and is 100% worth the read.

Night of the Living Dummy is about two sisters who are rivals. The MC’s sister Lindy finds this ventriloquist dummy and gains some popularity while using it causing our MC Kris to want one of her own. The only problem is, both of the dummies come alive at night and are getting both of them into trouble.

I really enjoyed reading this. I read almost exclusively Goosebumps books in middle school, so it was fun to revisit it. I plan on reading more lover the next year or so and maybe I’ll read them all. What really solidified it for me was the ending, I didn’t see that twist at the end!

The Final Girl Support Group is about a woman named Lynnette, along with five other women who are all final girls. We follow Lynnette, who now has pretty severe PTSD from her trauma.

I was worried I wouldn’t like this book because I really did not like Final Girls by Riley Sager. However, this book is nothing like that one. I think the characters were much more fleshed out and the story isn’t similar at all.

I had a hard time reading it because of the anxiety and racing thoughts. I found it kind of triggering for me. I REALLY hope this book is adapted one day because it would be an amazing movie.

Plain Bad Heroines is sort of a story within a story within a story. There is this author named Mary MacLane. We are hearing her book and there is this adaptation of her book happening with another book in the adaptation.

This is a very slow story and I kind of got lost in all the different stories. HOWEVER, I did overall enjoy the read. IT was unapologetically feminist and queer, which I loved. I highly recommend it if you enjoy a dark academia vibe.

Rock Paper Scissors is about a wife and husband who win this trip. Sort of spooky things starts happening while they are there and they start to wonder how they won this trip to begin with.

This was a good story! I really enjoyed reading the past POV through letters. It’s something unique to this story. This is one of my favorite thrillers I’ve read in a while. The ending was left a bit open, but I think it was still satisfying enough. I just never know what to say about thrillers because of spoilers.

The Ella Dark series follows Ella Dark who is an FBI agent and solves mysteries around serial killers.

These are my 2 favorite books of the month! They are a bit formulaic, but I still enjoyed the journey. My least favorite part is her partner Ripley. She is much older than Ella and thinks she knows everything. She always rejects Ella’s ideas, even though her own is always wrong.

This is the 6th book in the Cirque Du Freak series. If you’ve been here for any amount of time, you probably have heard what it’s about from me. This series follows Darren Shan, which is also the author’s name, who has to become a vampire due to an incident following him stealing a very poisonous spider.

The more I read in this series, the more I realize it could’ve been 3 or 4 books instead of 12. I’m not sure why it is so many books. The storyline is the same from books 4,5 and 6. The is my only complaint about the series.

This is the 4th book in the Beachfront Bakery series. I check Hoopla at least once a week to see if they have any more books in the series, and they happened to have one this month.

This series is about Allison Sweet. She opens a new bakery once she is fired from her long-term job and ends her long-term relationship.

I liked that this story was much different from the previous 2. Books 2 and 3 had really similar plots. I really hope in future books that this series gives us more about the many men in her life. I need her to pick one and go with them!

A Spindle Splintered is about Zinnia. She is destined to die on her 21st birthday. When she pricks her finger on a spindle, she is thrown into another dimension.

In my opinion, this just missed the mark. I didn’t understand how her phone was working between dimensions. I didn’t like the ending, which I can’t say here. I thought the ending just didn’t make sense. I know it’s a series, so I might pick up the next one. I’d like to see some own voices opinions from people who have the same chronic illness as her.

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