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My Goodread’s Choice Awards Votes

Hello readers! The Goodread’s Choice Awards finally dropped the first round this past week and I thought I would go over what I voted for. I didn’t vote in every category, but I did vote in the ones I read a book in. I read a lot of new releases this year and I think it paid off!

I really hate that they took away the vote in part this year! I love being able to write in underrated books by POC authors OR independently published ones. Just as an added bit of fun, I’m going to try to predict what will win. Let me know what you voted for!

Out of all the books in the Best Fiction category, I had only read 1 of them. Yes, I am one of those people who votes when I have only read one book. I wouldn’t vote for it if I hadn’t read it. It was This Close to Okay by Leesa Cross-Smith and I went ahead and voted for it. It wasn’t one of my favorites, but I did like most of the book.

I think Sally Rooney’s book Beautiful World, Where Are You will be the winner. I think she has a pretty good size fanbase, so her book will win.

For mystery/thriller, I have read 5 of them. I was torn between Rock Paper Scissors and The Night She Disappeared. I went ahead and voted for Lisa Jewell’s book in the end. This is the first time I’ve read a book by her that I enjoyed more than the first book I read by her.

This one is hard. 2021 was a good year for thrillers. Usually, Stephen King is the winner in any category he places in. I think The Maiden’s has a good chance because Michaelides has won before, even though no one seemed to like the book. If neither of those two win, I think it could end up at Rachel Hawkin’s The Wife Upstairs, which I hope to get to before the year is out.

The next genre I have is Romance. I’ve only read One Last Stop, so I voted for it. I actually read a lot of romance this year, but not many of them were 2021 releases.

My guess is that People We Meet on Vacation will win. I’m surprised that Jennifer L Armentrout’s book wasn’t in this category this year as she won in 2020.

For Horror, I have read 2 of the books. I’m planning on voting for The Final Girl Support Group. It wasn’t my favorite book, but I still thought it was a good one. I think it’s a good chance that Stephen King will win here because he usually does. If not him, then The Final Girl Support Group.

I’m really surprised Yearbook by Seth Rogan was in the humor section and not the memoir one. I voted for Yearbook in humor. Seth Rogen’s book was really interesting and I enjoyed it a lot.

I had read a book in the fantasy category, but I gave it 2 stars and did not vote.

The last one is Middle Grade and Children’s. I voted for Amari and the Night Brothers. I suspect the winner will be Rick Riordan again, but I HOPE Amari can win.

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