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Winter Releases I’m Excited For

Hello readers! It has been a while since I’ve posted, I know. I am in a bit of a slump this past month with blogging AND reading. I’ve decided to take it slow for the rest of the year. However, I did have a few posts that I wrote last month that I’d like to share with everyone! I am not posting on my regular schedule still, but I have a few posts I’d like to put out this month.

Here are 11 new releases I really hope to get to in early 2022!

January 4th

As of today, I am almost halfway through The Wife Upstairs by her and I have a good feeling about it. I may just be able to get to a WWW Wednesday post out this week.

This one is about Lux, her boyfriend Nico, and a few other girls who hire them to go to this remote island. This island is known for bad things happening on it and I assume more bad things happen in the book.

January 4th

The Kindred is about a a Duke named Felix and his non-royal love interest Joy. They haven’t met in person before, but they want to. The entire royal family is murdered and everyone suspect these two of killing them so they can be together.

January 11th

To Paradise is Hanya Yanagihara’s newest release. She is the author of A Little Life. I read that one this year and want to read more from her. A Little Life reminded me of the realism era, which I usually don’t love, but I’m still here for it.

To Paradise is both an alternate history novel and a futuristic dystopian. I’m excited to read both timelines and see how they affect one another.

January 25th

The Red Palace is June Hur’s 3rd novel. I have yet to read her 2nd one, but I’m still hyped for book 3. She writes historical mysteries that take place in Korea.

This one takes place in 1758 and follows a mystery a nurse is left to solve in a hospital after a few people are murdered.

February 1st

Omar Rising is sort a companion novel to Saeed’s book Amal Unbound. Omar was Amal’s friend who gets a scholarship to a fancy boarding school.

I am so excited to have this book in my hands. I really loved Amal Unbound, which is about child slavery, and I’m sure this one will be just as amazing.

February 1st

Amari and the Night Brothers is one of my favorite books of 2021. If you have yet to read this one, please fix that immediately!

Amari and the Night Brothers is about a girl who find a suitcase in her missing brother’s room and it invites her to the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs. She can’t tell anyone about it, not even her Mom.

The police have been refusing to look for her brother because they assume he was a drug dealer. That last book left off on sort of a cliff hanger and I’m itching to see what happens next.

February 8th

You Truly Assumed is about Sabriya, who has an online journal surrounding her experience as a Muslim in America. One day, her blog goes viral among Muslim’s girls around the country. Eventually two more girls join the blog and they start getting hate comments and death threats. They are on the search for the person who is sending the threats.

February 15th

House of Sky and Breath is absolutely my most anticipated book of 2022. I read book one in the Crescent City series earlier this year and it was one of my favorite books of 2021.

In book one, Bryce Quinland (half human/half fae) and Hunt Athalar (a fallen angel) are tasked to investigate a brutal murder of Bryce’s best friend and entire wolfpack two years after it happens. This series has everything I love. Sassy characters galore, banter, and modern fantasy setting.

February 15th

Bitter is a companion novel to Emezi’s book Pet. It may be a prequel, but I’m not sure. This one follows Bitter, who is a painter. She is accepted into a special art school and is torn between this new life and her old one.

The world in Pet and Bitter are just so interesting and I’m ready to dive back into it!

March 1st

Gallant follows Olivia who is attending an all girls school. She finds a letter inviting her to Gallant where a lot of mysterious things keep happening. She is determined to unclover the secrets there, even though no one seems to want her to ge there.

I have loved some Schwab books and really didn’t like others, so I don’t know where I’ll fall here. Of course, I hope it will be a hit!

March 15th

This one is about a true crime enthusiat that goes on a mission to solve a cold case/double homicide from 40 years before.

I actually haven’t read anything by this author before, but I’ve heard her books are good. I think this would be a good premesis for a cozy mystery series. I’m loving mysteries lately and I know I’ll love this one, too.

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