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January 2022 TBR

Hello readers! Here is the 1st TBR of 2022. I don’t have any readathons or anything going on, just reading whatever feels right this month! I still don’t think I’ll be back to posting regularly just yet, but I’m sure I’ll post more in January than I have in December and November.

Reckless Girls is the 1st book I will be getting to in 2022. I have an ARC copy from Netgally that I got a few weeks ago. It comes out on January 4th, so I hope to get it done before that. I didn’t want to have a 2022 release on my 2021 read list.

I know this takes place on an island and there are a ton of secrets to be revealed. I’ll let you know more once I read it!

I found a readalong for the entirety of 2022 for Stephen King, mostly Dark Tower books. I didn’t even read 1 book by him in 2021 and I don’t want to do that again.

I have read The Gunslinger once or twice, but I don’t remember anything. I know this is a SFF horror series and I’m ready to read it in 2022.

This is the bimonthly, non-fiction pick for the Book Communiread book club.

This one is about the white male rage increase inspired by Donald Trump becoming president. I’m excited to try this one and see what Oluo has to say.

A Calamitous Cookie is the 6th book in the Beachfront Bakery. I hoped to get this one in during December, but I’m going to carry it over.

After I get to this one, I will be caught up on the series! This series is a cozy mystery series about a girl solving crimes (most of which she is accused of) while owning a bakery shop.

As part of my project to finish series, I am hoping to get to many more books in the Naruto series this year. I have been a fan of Naruto for 15 years, yet I haven’t finished the manga series. (I have watched the entire show and a good portion of Shippuden) I hope to get to volume 6 and 7 this month, but maybe more.

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