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2022 Reading Goals

Hello readers! It is that time of year where I go over all my reading goals for 2022. Usually, I have a lot of areas I want to improve but am struggling this time. I have been trying to read outside my comfort zone for 3 years and I don’t know where else to look. This year, we will mostly be going with the flow.

Well, I don’t have many to add, but let’s go over my reading goals for 2022!

Goal 1

At this point, I think I’m aiming for 200 books. I thought last year that 150 would be overly ambitious, but I surpassed it in 2021. In previous years, I have made a page goal. I’ve done this since being a teen and I honestly want to stop. I’m going to read however many pages I read and I think that will be okay.

If I don’t get close to that goal, I will drop it. I don’t mind if I don’t hit it.

Goal 2

In the last 2 years, I have read the winners in about 5 of the Goodreads Choice Awards categories. I didn’t really read any of them in 2021, but that is beside the point. This year I am switching it up and reading all the books from one category. In 2021, I read 6 out of 20 of the mystery/thriller nominees. I want to try and get to most, if not all, of the others. There are 1 or 2 that I really don’t want to read, but I never know if I’ll have the urge, so those will be last.

Goal 3

In 2021, about 13% of the books I read were indie pubbed. I want to up my numbers in 2022. I really love reading indie fantasy romance and cozy mysteries. I’m hoping for 20% of my reading, but any higher than it is currently will suffice. That is TOTALLY doable. Indie books were not even on my radar until 2021, but are gonna be a top priority in the future.

Goal 4

I want to read a book every month for the Buzzwordathon! I tried my best to do it in 2021 and I didn’t. I did almost do it this past year, but not quite. I love that most of the challenges for next year are themes instead of one word because I should be able to figure SOMETHING out each month. I am struggling with Januaries, but I will figure it out.

Goal 5

DNF more books. I read almost 200 books in 2021 and I gave around a fourth of those 3 stars. I hate rating books 3 stars. Those are the books I don’t really like or dislike and most of the time forget. I don’t think I prioritize quantity over quality, I prioritize finishing a book over enjoying it, which I shouldn’t do! I want to DNF more books in 2022 and enjoy the ones I finish.

Why do I force myself to finish books I’m not enjoying? It’s very counterproductive.

Goal 6

I’d like to finish 12 series in 2022. I did a series finishing project in 2019 and I’m going to do it again in 2022. In 2019, I started with the series I was closest to finishing first, so I’ll be doing that again. IT made it much more satisfying early in the year when I did that.

Goal 7

Now this one seems like it contradicts the last one, I know. HOWEVER, I want to read fewer series. I’m going to finish some this year, but I really hope to read mostly stand-alone books. Fantasy books and series always exhaust my brain and I need to focus on stand-alone books MORE. I’ve been reading mostly thrillers lately and I hope to keep that up in the near future.

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