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2021 in Review + stats & wrapping up goals

Hello readers! Today’s post is my 2021 reading year in review. I read 46,260 pages across 169 books. First I’m going to go over how I did on my reading goals and then give you some of my stats for the whole year.

My first goal was to read more new releases. I read 33 2021 releases in 2021, which was around twice what I read in 2020. I’m hoping to read more and more new releases every year because I really love being able to vote in the Goodread’s Choice Awards.

Goal 2 was to read 150 books, which I absolutely smashed with 169. I thought 150 was going to be a stretch goal, but I somehow made it.

Goal 3 was to read 15 books over 500 pages and I managed to read 13. I’m still happy with 13, even if it was slightly under that goal.

The next goal was to read more books by indigenous authors. I think I read ONE in 2020, so I wanted a change. I managed to read 4 in 2021, so I DID manage to read more. However, I would like the number to go up in 2022.

My next goal was to finish 10 series. I did not remember I set this one! I did finish 8 series, BUT I started 6 of them in 2021. So, I don’t really think they count as much.

Goal 6 was to have fewer books on my physical TBR at the end of the year. I think I had 56 at the beginning of the year, and I now have 45. I’m surprised I didn’t carry this goal into 2022.

Next goal was to read all the books I had on my TBR which I acquired before 2019. I had 6 books on that list and managed to read/unhaul half. I didn’t succeed, but the list is still smaller.

The next one was to branch out and read some sci-fi horror, historical mysteries, and historical fantasies. I don’t think I read even one of any of those genres. That was a hard fail, but I still have 2022 to branch out!

Next up was to read the Goodreads Choice Awards AND Shaded Choice Awards winners for Fiction, Mystery/Thriller, Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Romance, Horror, and YA fiction. I did read a few books on this list, but I stayed far away from the GCA list in 2021. I did read quite a few 2020 releases in 2021, but most of them were not on these lists!

The last two were the Buzzwordathon challenge and the Read Harder Challenge. I did read a book in most months for the Buzzwordathon, but I didn’t keep track of the read harder challenge in 2021 and don’t plan on doing it anymore.

My first stat shows audio vs print with a few ebooks. In 2020, I read 80% audiobooks and in 2019, I had 90% physical books. I’m happy to see them be more equal in 2021. I am adding a new option for 2022 for those books that I read a print and audio copy at the same time.

I have had a Kindle for many years now. However, my Kindle was very old. I think it was a 1st generation Kindle Fire. In 2021, I finally bought a Kindle Fire 7, which is only 50 bucks. This lead me to read a lot more ebooks in 2021. Most of them were from Netgalley. I think the number will go up in 2022 as I’m planning to get more ebooks from Hoopla this year.

I am so happy with this! I made a goal for less than a third of my reading to be YA. I have fallen out of love with it the past few years and I did stop reading it so much. I’m also happy with my New Adult reading. I only read 5 books in 2020 that were NA and I didn’t like 4 out of 5. I read more this year and enjoyed more of what I read.

It seems every year that I read more and more female authors. I don’t try to sway this one way or another. I would love to read more male authors in 2022 to make it more even. However, I don’t think I’ll go out of my way to sway this.

This one shows where the books come from that I read. I’m surprised to see my most common one is library books. I did read a ton of graphic novels this year and all of them came from the library. I’m happy to see how my numbers have ended up in 2021. I don’t have any interest in swaying this one way or another.

I really tried to minimize my 3 star reads in 2021 and it didn’t really work. I’m gonna be ruthless in 2022 and DNF everything in sight.

I’m just tired of reading middle-of-the-road books.

I always keep track of really specific subgenres. I am quite surprised to see my most popular genres this year. Some of them are genres I never would have read 2 or 3 years ago.

I’m very surprised I wasn’t in the mood for classics all year. The oldest book I read was published in the 50s.

Either way, I am happy to see I have read so many 2021 releases! I won’t be swaying this one in 2022, besides the new releases.

2021 was the first year I tried to focus on self-published books. I think I did really well with it. I’d still love to read more self-pubbed and indie presses in the future, but I’m happy with my progress in the first year trying this.

This is just a fun one that I thought about keeping track of. My most common color cover was blue. At the beginning of the year, it was grey, then purple, but blue dominated in the end.

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