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Series I Finished in 2021

Hello readers! Today I thought we could go over what series I finished in 2021. I managed to finish 8 series in 2021, but I started 6 of them within the year. I’ll tell you the series, how many books I read in that series, and maybe do a little review of it. I am happy to have finished 8 series in 2021 because they were overall really good!

Smile is a 3-book nonfiction graphic novel series about the author. I read the final book in 2021 and finished the series. Smile, Sisters, and Guts can be read in ANY order. The books do not overlap in story.

Smile is about Raina accidentally knocking her two front teeth and the process of her fixing her teeth over the course of about 10 years. Sisters is about her relationship with her sister, and Guts is about Raina getting diagnosed with IBS.

March is a non-fiction graphic novel series about former US Representative in Georgia, John Lewis. John Lewis was an activist his entire life and this series follows his journey being one. So many bad things happened to him, but he never gave up.

I read one book in this series in 2021 and finished it out! John Lewis was an American hero and I hope he is remembered for a long time. When he was alive, he would visit the Edmund Pettis bridge every year and tweet a ton about MLK jr and I miss it so much.

Orange is a 5-book manga series. From this series on, I read every book in the series in 2021. Naho gets this letter from her future self telling her all these things she can do so she doesn’t have so much regret. The main one is preventing this new kid at school named Kakeru from dying, which most people assume was a suicide.

I LOVED every second of this series. We even get parts about what life is like in the future without him. This book had me guessing till the last page if they would save Kakeru from dying. I hope to read more from the author in the future.

I read a ton of Sanderson in 2021 and this series was a big part of it. I really didn’t care bor book one, but later in the year, I binged the last two. I didn’t love book 3, but I did love book 2 and the end of book 3. This series really took some turns I didn’t see coming and I love that about Sanderson’s writing style.

Mistborn follows Kelsier and Vin. In this world, people can ingest metals and gain powers from them. If you can ingest one metal, you are a Misting, if you can ingest all, you are a Mistborn. They will either have one power or all of them. Kelsier is the chosen one and an experienced Mistborn and Vin is new to it all. This is one of those fantasy series where they are taking down the government and all the MCs are rebels.

The Love Sugar Magic series follows Leonora. She is a bruja, or a latinx version of a witch. The females in this family specifically are kitchen witches. In book one, Leonora casts a love potion on this boy her best friend likes, when she hasn’t done any magic before, and it goes awry.

This series reminds me of a kid’s show in the way the plot is and everything. If you like middle-grade books and Wizards of Waverly Place, you might enjoy this series. They are short and fun and easy to read.

Goldie Vance is a 5-book graphic novel mystery series. I liked every book less than the previous one in this series, but it was so short that I wanted to finish it.

I can’t even remember much about them or much about what I didn’t like about it. I really didn’t enjoy the main relationship and how most of it happened and developed off-page, but other than that, I don’t really remember. I’m ready to pretend like I never read it at all.

The Tea Dragon Society is a 3-book graphic novel series about these dragons that grow leaves on their horns, which can be made into tea.

There is so much diversity in this series! The author is NB, but there is more LGBT rep in the books, disability rep, and POC rep. These stories are super short and would probably be appreciated most by little kids, in my opinion.

I read all 20 volumes of this series in 2021. It took me till 2 hours before the end of 2021 to get it done, but I did it!

The Lumberjanes series is about 5 girls who are at a camp together. This series is very diverse, which I love. I love that all the diverse characters are not defined by that thing. They are all distinguishable in personality. This series essentially doesn’t have an overarching plot. I don’t mind that, but I know a lot of people will. My biggest problem with this series is the ever-changing art style. I LOVED the original art style, but the artist changes really often. Sometimes the characters are unrecognizably different with certain artists. For instance, some characters are significantly shorter than others in certain books then the same height as the taller characters. It’s just jarring to see.

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