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Big Book TBR 2022

Hello readers! In 2021, I read a lot of short books, but I actually prefer big ones. I have a few I hope to get to in 2022. This is my top priority big books I want to read in 2022, some are new releases and others are backlist. Let’s just jump into 8 big books I hope to read in 2022.

To Paradise is Hanya Yanagihara’s newest book. I read A Little Life in 2021 and I’m really interested in what else she will write in the future. I don’t know ANYTHING about this book and I want to keep it that way because that’s how I went into A Little Life. However, I don’t know if I’m prepared to read through another book like A Little Life, so I hope this one is a little bit less terrible on the main character.

House of Sky and Breath is the sequel of House of Earth and Blood, which was one of my favorite books of 2021. This is a fantasy romance series that follows a half fae-half human named Bryce. Her best friend and her entire werewolf pack are brutally murdered. We follow her and an angel named Hunt trying to solve the murders 2 years after.

I loved this world and all the characters. I love the sassy characters and all the different species in one world. Modern fantasy worlds are just what I love to see and I can’t wait to feel all the feelings with them in book 2. I HOPE we get more about Ruhn because he was my favorite character.

A Court of Silver Flames is the 4th book in the ACOTAR series. I wanted to wait to get to this until the paperback comes out. As of right now, the date is in May. I am really excited to get to it whenever it comes out!

The Priory of the Orange Tree is a fantasy standalone. I know it’s LGBT and (I THINK) is about a territory related war.

I’ve owned this book for about a year now and I just need to get to it in 2022, no excuses!

Wind Rider is the last book in the Tales of a New World series. I haven’t read a book in this series in around 3 years and I just need to get it done. My local bookstore has it, but it’s in paperback and my other 2 are hardcovers.

P.C. Cast was one of my favorite authors as a teen and I hope to start reading her more again. I didn’t read a lot of any of my favorite authors in the past two years, so let’s change that.

Battle Royale is very similar to The Hunger Games, but this was published first. It is about a bunch of people battling to the death until one is left. I know there is also a manga version, but I want to read the actual book.

I’ve wanted to read this for a long time, but it is a big one and will need a lot of concentration and time.

From Blood and Ash is the 1st book in this smutty fantasy romance series. Poppy is a maiden, which means she has been chosen for this Ascension. Before the Ascension, she is not allowed to experience any pleasure and as a reward, she gets to ascend. I’m not sure what that fully means.

I have started this book and am 5 pages in. The writing is really beautiful and I really like the main character. I just have been really busy and can’t sit down to read as much as I can listen to audiobooks. We just got a new puppy and it’s a little hectic right now in my house.

Skyward is a YA scifi series following Spensa. Her father was a dishonored space pilot and she wants to become one, but most people don’t trust her because of her dad.

I know, I know. I wouldn’t be naming this book if it weren’t by Sanderson. I just want to try this one out to see what I think. I am not a big scifi fan, but I want to give it a try for Sanderson’s sake. I just love his way of storytelling and I want to see it in a scifi.

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