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February TBR 2022

Hello readers! Here is my TBR post for February. I was thinking about doing one of those challenges where you read a book every day for a month, but I honestly don’t think I can do it at this moment. However, I’m optimistic! Despite that, this TBR is a short one. I’m having a hard time making anything stick, so I don’t want to promise too much.

Thank you to anyone who gave me well wishes on that last post. I’m finally walking again with an aircast, but I now think all 5 people in my household have COVID. Next time I am able to go to the library, I hope to check out some of your guys’ recommendations to help me out of my reading slump!

I’m really intrigued by The Witcher series and I think I’m going to try it out this February. This is a prequel to The Witcher series and is relatively short compared to later books.

I’m not even sure what this is about, but I’m happy to find out while I read it.

Restore Me is the 4th book in a dystopian series called Shatter Me. It’s about a girl who touches people and they die.

When I originally read this series, it was only 3 books. I spent the last couple of years rereading them and I really want to read those add-ons this year. I own and have owned this one for too long and I need to get to it.

Run is a new non-fiction graphic novel series following the March series. All of these books follow former US Representative in Georgia. He has since passed away, but this series is still coming out to show everything he did in his life. John Lewis was also an activist his entire life and these books represent everything he did during his life.

Currently, this is the only one out in this series and I’m hyped for the rest.

Cold is a new YA mystery that comes out in February. I just read a book by this author and stumbled across this book on Libby, so I’ll be reading it this February.

I believe this is about a boy who is murdered. We are following his ghost while the police are solving his murder.

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