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WWW Wednesday (3/2/22)

Hello readers! This is my first post of March. I know I’ve taken a lot of unplanned time off, but I really did need it. I’m hoping to get back into things this month starting with a WWW Wednesday. I am actually on my 3rd book of the month. Nothing was going to revamp my reading and this blog like Middle Grade March. My TBR is coming tomorrow for that!

If you don’t know, WWW Wednesday is a weekly meme created by Taking On a World of Words where you share what you have read recently, are currently reading, and will read next. You can do this EVERY week, or as often as you like.

www wed

I was watching this big Middle Grade March recommendations video yesterday and wrote down a few I was interested in. I find it hard to find good Middle-Grade recommendations because I prefer contemporary and realistic fiction over fantasy. I do sometimes read the fantasy books, but I don’t prefer them over contemporary.

This one is about a girl who has to take care of her siblings after school every day. She wishes she was an octopus and is very obsessed with them. Her teacher forces her to join the debate club, despite not wanting to be in the spotlight. This book is about classism and somehow also guns.

www wed

Frankie and Bug follows Bug, in the 80s, who always spends her summers at the beach with her brother Daniel. However, she is 10 and Daniel is 14. He wants to spend his summer with people his own age. Her cousin Frankie, whom she has never met, is invited over to spend the summer with her, but they don’t see eye to eye. This book was inspired by To Kill a Mockingbird, but is about LGBT rights instead of race.

I really enjoyed this story! I love how much Bug is like Scout from TKAM. I love when characters in middle grade are kids of rude and ignorant. It’s how kids actually are in real life. I would love to see more books like this from Forman.

When it comes to middle-grade readers, I think this one could only really be understood by kids who are more mature. There are discussions of serial killers, AIDs, colorism, violence toward the LGBT community, and much more.

www wed

This one takes place in 1947 when Pakistan was founded and broke off from India. The MC Nisha is half-Muslim and half-Hindu. Her father decides Pakistan will not be a safe place to live, so they have to move away from their home.

This kind of middle grade historical fiction is what I love to see! It has been compared to the War that Saved My Life duology, which is really amazing, so I’m ready to dive in. I also heard of this one through that MGM video.

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