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Middle Grade March TBR

Hello readers! Today’s post is my March TBR. This is a bit late BUT it’s better late than never! I am super excited for Middle Grade March. Let me know if you are reading any middle grade books this month.

I WILL have another TBR later this month for a different readathon.

CLICK HERE for the announcement video for Middle Grade March.

group book

Pony is Palacio’s latest book! This one follows Silas. His father is kidnapped in the middle of the night, so he goes on a rescue mission with a ghost horse.

I almost read this book last year and I’m happy to see it as the group book, so I can be reminded to read it!

5 or more words in the title

I am currently reading this one. It is about a girl who struggles in her life. She is basically a 2nd mother to her siblings. She takes care of them more than her mom or stepdad does. She is also trying to join a debate club, but struggles to have the time to go, or the resources. (she is also obsessed with octopuses.)

orphan MC

I don’t know much about this one, but I do know it takes place in an orphanage and involves magic books or books with spells. I’m hoping for a mystery plot, but we will have to see!

contemporary book

Big Shot is Kinney’s most recent book in the DOAWK series. I’m really excited to catch up on the series. This series is just about a kid named Greg and all the trouble he gets into with his actions, interactions, and ideas.

Set in Asia/Asian MC

This one takes place in India when Pakistan seperated itself from India. Nisha and her family now live vin what is Pakistan and they have to take a long trip to a safer place for them, because thetyare a multi-religious family.

Book published before I was born

I thought this would be a great excuse to read a Goosebumps books. I was born in the 90s, so most of this series were published after I was born. However, this one was published in 1992, two years before I was born.

I think I remember this one! If I’m correct, it’s about the kids of a guy whose experiment goes wrong. He then starts turning into a plant or a tree of some sort.

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