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1st Quarter Reading Stats and Goals Update (2022)

Hello readers! I didn’t read much these past 3 months, but I do have some stats to talk about. I usually keep track of my goals like a hawk, but I literally haven’t looked at them and don’t remember what they are.

I did mention in yesterday’s post that I wasn’t going to mention picture books, but I have put a lot of them into my reading spreadsheet, so they will pop up here in the stats.

These two graphs show my formats from the first 3 months.

I am tracking it a bit differently this year. This just shows that I have only read books without pictures in them via audiobooks. When I go to the library these days, I only pick up graphic novels, so I’m not at all surprised.

This one shows the age group I’ve read from. In previous years, I didn’t have a section for children’s books.

I am very surprised with how this has been divided up so far! I kind of stepped away from YA in 2021 and I’m apparently back into reading it again.

This year my purchased 2022 section changed to acquired. This way I can add books I’m given.

I’m pretty happy with these stats so far, but I’m hoping to read more books I’ve acquired. I am aiming to read every book I get this year, we will see if that is possible!

I’m hoping to read less on Netgalley too! I always get books on there and rarely like them and I need to stop putting myself through it.

This was jarring to see when I looked at it. I was hoping to read more male authors this year, but that has not happened. AND I haven’t read any NB authors so far.

I have just been grabbing books at the library at random, so the author hasn’t been looked into much. We’ll check in again in 3 months!

For the last two years my average page count has dropped drastically. I don’t mind reading short books anymore and I honestly don’t know why I cared so much. I am just letting that crazy rule go.

I’m happy reading shorter books, but I hope to mix in some big ones, too.

This graph shows the publishing year of the books I’ve read. In the next few months, I hope to read more classics! I do genuinely like classics but haven’t read any since 2020.

I am SO HAPPY to see not one book has been lower than a 3. I’ve been practicing DNFing books when I’m not enjoying them, and that really has improved my reading.

I hope to have less 3 stars in the future, but I can’t complain here.

If you would like to see my original post about my 2022 reading goals CLICK HERE.

For my first goal, I wanted to read 200 books. I am VERY behind on this. That would mean 50 books per quarter, and I have read 18. HOWEVER, I am not stressed by the lack of this goal. If I can’t reach it, I’ll lower it later in the year.

Goal 2 was to read the entire mystery/thriller nominees on Goodreads from 2021. I have read 6 of those so far and I have 1 on hold on Libby. I haven’t been in the mood for thrillers lately, but I still think I’m on track to hit this goal.

3rd goal was to read 20% self-published books. At this moment, I am at one book. I need to make this much higher! When I get back into the mood for thrillers or fantasy romance, I know this percentage will rise. Those are the two genres I read a lot of SP books in.

Goal 4 was about the Buzzwordathon. I haven’t participated in this one once. However, I do have one picked out for April and might try to make up for the ones I skipped later in the year.

Goal 5 was to DNF more and I’ve been doing this a lot. When I’m not in the mood for reading, I need to drop every book that doesn’t catch my attention early.

The 6th goal was to finish 12 series. I’m about to finish the 2nd series of the year and I hope to finish more soon and have one more planned for this month. I don’t care when I do it, but I really want to hit the goal by any means necessary.

The last goal was to read fewer series. 3 out of 18 of the books I have read this year have been part of a series, so I think I’m hitting that goal. I want to finish more series, yet read more stand-alone. It makes sense in my head, at least.

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