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Every Series I’m Currently Reading

Hello readers! Today I’m going over all the finished series I am in the middle of and need to finish. Another post is coming later this week for the ongoing series I’m reading. I’m hoping to cut this list in half in 2022. Surprisingly, I only have 14 right now! I do have others I’ve tried and don’t think I will read more of. I’m going to list them from least books left to most.

I will be making another post like this later this month about all the series I’m reading that are ongoing.

The Doll People has 4 books and I just have this one left. It took a long time to find a copy of this one because I’m not even sure it’s in print anymore.

This series follows a family of porcelain dolls. The MC is Annabelle Doll. The sister of their owner gets a doll set of her own made of plastic and the daughter in that family, Tiffany Funcraft, and Annabelle Doll go on a journey through the house to find Auntie Doll, who has been missing for 60 years. The Doll family have been owned by 3 generations of girls living in that house.

Maus is a two-book graphic novel series following the parents of the author and their journey during the holocaust. I think this is an important story because we get to see a lot about people on the outside of the camps, which I don’t think is represented enough. There are a few parts in the camps, but most of it is outside.

I had this from the library a few weeks ago and didn’t end up reading it, but I’ll get it out sometime again.

This is also the last book in a series. I’m sensing a pattern! This series is a smutty retelling of many popular Disney movies. HOWEVER, the villain and the main female lead will end up together. The 1st book follows Jasmine and Jafar. MOST of these books are poly or have poly scenes in them.

The only reason I haven’t got to this one is it’s not on Hoopla yet. I have listened to all other 5 books on Hoopla and I’ll listen to this one once it’s available.

It has been too long now that I’ve owned this series and haven’t finished it. I think I’ve owned it for more than 10 years. The Return of the King is probably my #1 TBR vet.

I’m not sure what is stopping me from reading this, but I will try to get to it this year.

Wind Rider is the 3rd and final book in the Tales of a New World series. This is a fantasy series following a few different tribes and how they are hostile to one another.

I haven’t read this yet because my book store only has it in paperback and I want it in hardcover. Is that a stupid reason? Probably, but that’s the truth.

The Daughter of Smoke and Bone series is a 3 book series, but I’ve read book 1.

I liked the 1st book okay, but I haven’t been motivated to read this series. I’m hoping to get to it one day, but I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

I read the 1st two books in this series a really long time ago and I really want to reread them and finish this series. I almost unhauled them in 2021 because I’ve been planning to reread them for years now and just haven’t.

I can’t bear unhauling them, but will I ever read them? I am genuinely not sure.

I read the 1st book in this series in 2020 and never went back. I have since bought 3 out of 4 books in this series.

This series follows Laia, a slave, and Elias, a soldier. Laia and Elias do not meet for a lot of the book, but circumstantial end up with one another. Laia has to do some work for the rebels to rescue her brother from jail.

I really loved book one, I just haven’t picked up any other books yet.

These books are the final 3 books in the Shatter Me series.

I read this series when it was a trilogy and reread the trilogy a few years. I’m not sure what these 3 books are about, but I’m hoping they will be a worthy add-on to the series.

I have started book 3 in this series so many times and it never sticks. I’m still hoping to try it as many times as it takes.

Each book in this series centers on a different cult and it’s so fun to experience a thriller with all this extra information. I love to see how much time and effort went into each book.

I hoped to finish this one at the end of 2021, but I sadly did not. I hit a slump at the end there and it lasted until really recently.

I hope to get it done this year. It has honestly been a long time coming and I’m ready to be done with it.

This is a follow-up series to the Percy Jackson series. I haven’t read a book in this series in probably 2 years. I am interested in continuing, it just hasn’t been at the forefront of my priorities lately.

Technically I have 4 books left in this series. This is the final book in the first trilogy. The School for Good and Evil follows Agatha and Sophie. Where they live, two kids are taken to another world to these magic schools. One is for good and the other for evil.

This series is really about fairytales and their stereotypes and how this story defies those guidelines.

This is a scifi romance that I started around 10 years ago. I reread it a few years ago and never continued. I will eventually read this series. This author really blew up last year and I have some other series I wanna read by her, too.

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