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My First Book Blogger Hop

Hello readers! Today we are trying a new thing on this blog. It’s called a Book Blogger Hop. Each week a discussion topic is given and many book bloggers post based on that topic. New topics start on Friday and end that following Thursday. I won’t be making a post for this every single week, but I am going to do this once or twice a month!

MOST of these posts are going to be short, UNLESS I have a lot to say.

This week’s topic is: Do you prefer to leave book jackets on or off while reading?

The host of Book Blogger Hop is Ramblings of a Coffee Addict. Please check out the linked post for future topics!

I always wonder why people leave the dust jacket on. I personally do not. I think if I did keep them on, I would end up damaging the dust jacket. Commonly, I will take my books on the road with me in the car or my purse, and I know the jacket wouldn’t live through much of that. I Always take the dust jacket off and sit it on the shelf where the book was.

I do wonder if I had a book sleeve, maybe I would leave it on while reading. The only other exception is if the dust jacket is connected. I get a lot of books secondhand on Better World Books, and they do come with the dust jacket taped to the books, most of the time.

Other than that, the simple answer is no.

Do you leave the dust jacket on? Why or why not?


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