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My Ambitious May TBR (2022)

Hello readers! It’s that time of the month again when we start talking about books to read for the next month. This May I have a lot of Asian authored books for AAPI month. All of the books I chose are books that I’ve wanted to read for a long time and just haven’t. I have a mix of age ranges and genres in here and I hope to get to them all.

A Pho Love Story is a foodie romance. Both love interests have competing restaurants owned by their respective families, so I’m guessing a rivals-to-lovers type romance.

I just love any type of book that involves food. Books that center food just hit different!

If I Had Your Face follows four women navigating their lives and how the crazy beauty standards in South Korea affects them.

Most people don’t understand how deep the beauty standard really goes in SK. Every country has beauty standards, HOWEVER, in South Korea, you can be discriminated against for being “ugly”. I’ve wanted to read this for so long and it’s been on a ton of TBRs and I just need to read it!

Omar Rising is a companion novel to Amal Unbound, both of which are middle grades. Omar has a brief part in Amal Unbound when he tells Amal he has been accepted to this boarding school with a scholarship. I think this book follows him at the school.

Amal Unbound is such a good book. It is about slavery and told in a way that small kids can understand and isn’t too violent or anything.

Dial A For Aunties was one of my most anticipated new releases in 2021 and just didn’t get to it. It now even has a sequel! I might get to that one, too.

This plot sounds wild! We are following Meddelin. She accidentally kills her date and her family members help her to hide the body. Her entire family also runs a wedding business, which they are trying to keep afloat while hiding said body. I also believe there is a romance weaved into the story as well.

Black Water Sister follows Jessamyn. She starts to hear voices and learns they are her deceased grandmother. When she was still alive, Jessamyn’s grandma was a medium. She recruits Jess to take revenge on a mob boss who has disrespected a god.

I also know this is LGBT and I’m ready for it!

The Kiss Quotient follows an autistic woman who hires a male escort to teach her what it’s like to have a boyfriend. She wants to practice for when she gets a real boyfriend.

So, I have never had any interest in this book series. HOWEVER, Steph Loves on Booktube is starting a smutty book club and I can’t not read along. PLEASE let me know if you join in on any smut book clubs. I really prefer FANTASY romance, but I’m willing to give it a try. I won’t force myself to read it if I don’t enjoy it, but I want to try it first.

The Forest of Stolen Girls is the sophomore title by Hur. I read her debut book the year it came out and now she has 3 books. Hur writes historical fiction mystery books set in Korea, when it was one country AND called Joseon.

This one follows a girl whose father is investigating the disappearances of 13 teen girls, who go missing in the same way she had a few years prior.

An Arrow to the Moon has been on my Want to Read shelf since November 2020. All I know about it is it’s a retelling of Romeo and Juliet.

This cover is just so pretty! I am just worried I’m going to love the romance and then both characters die at the end. I REALLY HOPE that doesn’t happen.

Kafka on the Shore WAS on my TBR last year in May. I saved it for May 2021 and didn’t read it.

I know few details of this plot. However, I do know this book is a retelling of Oedipus, which is enough for me to read it. It also involves a man with a head trauma, a teen boy, and a talking cat. That sounds nothing like Oedipus, but I’m here for it.

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2 thoughts on “My Ambitious May TBR (2022)

  1. I’ve heard about a lot of these books, but I’m scared to pick them up because adult contemporaries aren’t a genre I generally read. But, I haven’t heard of ‘Black Water Sister’ and that is one I am 100% adding to my TBR.


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