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April Wrap Up 2022

Hello readers! How is it already May? I feel like this year has gone very slow yet also fast. So much has happened this year in my personal life.

Today’s post is all about the books I read in April. I read a lot of good ones and ended the month on a book I really didn’t like. I took a lot of risks in April by trying a ton of Scifi books. I don’t really love scifi, but something has been drawing me to it lately.


Skyward follow Spensa. She is the daughter of a deserter pilot and wants to follow him in his career path. The odds are against her and she has to jump through a lot of hoops just to be treated like everyone else to become a pilot after him.

I was hesitant to try this series, but I ended up loving it! I am usually the type of reader that doesn’t like scifi or battle scenes with ships, but I really enjoyed this book and can’t wait to get to book 2. I realized in April that I like books with robot/cyborg characters, especially the talking ship in this one.


Escape From the Isle of the Lost is the 4th and final book in the Descendents series. I’m happy I finished a series in April because I started so many series. I thought this one has one of the best plots of the series and it’s a shame they won’t be making a 4th movie.


I decided to go for a classic sci-fi while exploring the genre in April. I really want to watch the movie now AND Hulu is making a TV show.

This one follows a man named Arthur. One day a friend of his named Ford tells him that Earth is about to be blown up. He learns Ford is an alien and they both hitchhike on different ships throughout the galaxy after the world is gone and Arthur is the only human left.


A Psalm for the Wild-Built follows a nonbinary monk. Each type of monk is different and our MC is a tea monk. They fix tea for people while hearing their problems and helping them through it, sort of like therapy, but with tea. It takes place a few hundred years after all the robots in the world gamed awareness and walked away. It wasn’t a war, they went to live in the woods. Most humans think all robots are dead now, but the MC runs into one and they travel together.


Undercover Bromance is the 2nd book in the Bromance Book Club series. Each book follows a different character in the book club. The Bromance Book Club is made up of men who read romance novels to learn how to be a better partners.

This one had the food trope and the enemies to lovers trope. The previous book had the second chance romance trope. I think these books are so funny and I enjoy the ride. The next one follows a lady who owns a cat cafe and I’m here for that.


I, Robot is a prequel book to Asimov’s Robot series. I realized that one of my favorite aspects of scifi is the robots and AI technology.

I did end up DNFing this one. It is a collection of short stories. I liked the 1st short story, although the end to it made no sense. After that, I got bored around halfway through. I didn’t love it or hate it, so it got 3 stars.


This is the 7th book in the Shopaholic series. I can’t say much about it plot-wise. HOWEVER, I am kinda lowkey mad about this one. It seemed like a lot more thought went into it than the previous book. There was a plot and quite a few subplots, but it ended on a cliff-hanger, despite being almost 500 pages.

I hated that ending, but there is only two left. It originally was 8 books, so it will be concluding in the next one, I know that for sure.


The Wives is about a woman who is one of three wives. They are referred to as Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Thursday is the MC. Thursday is very jealous of the other two wives, even though they all live separate and don’t know one another. She just assumes their lives are better.

She starts to snoop and finds a bunch of things out about the other wives and kind of becomes obsessed with them.

I really liked this book from the first page. This poly marriage was interesting and kept me coming back to see the end. UNTIL I made it to about 50% through and the book took a huge left turn and never looked back. I hated this twist in the middle of the book and I still kept reading till the end hoping they would fix something. The ned was even worse than the twist halfway through. I hate this was the last book of April because it wasn’t good.

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