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All My Finished Series (part 3)

Hello readers! Today’s post is another series post. I have one more in the works before this is done. Most of the series in this one reminded me why I shouldn’t keep reading series I don’t love. I always make myself finish series and I don’t know why that is.

Average rating: 3.1

The Mortal Instruments is one of my least favorite series I’ve ever read. IDK why I kept reading them. I have tons of reasons for hating this series. I have reviews for all of them on my Goodreads if you want to check those out. Don’t go there if you love these books because I don’t have a lot of good to say.

I still plan on reading the rest of Clare’s books, but just know I’m still going to have my hopes pretty low.

Average Rating: 4.3

Shadow and Bone was a pretty good series. I read it because of all the hype and I don’t think it lived up to it in my mind. Many people love this series, but I always struggle to love Russian-inspired books. I’m not sure why that is even.

Average Rating: 3.67

The 5th Wave was one dystopian series I missed when they were popular. I really enjoyed book one but didn’t enjoy book 2 or 3. However, I thought I should just finish it if I’ve read 2 of them.

I really think I’m just not into dystopian books anymore, but I might be into them again one day.

Average Rating: 3.5

Back when the Mortal Engines movie came out, I thought this story had a lot of potential, so I read the series. Honestly, I did somewhat enjoy reading Mortal Engines. I thought the politics were the best part, but the story itself was lacking. Many times the story relies on the miscommunication trope, which is a terrible trope.

The world itself is interesting, being the cities on wheels, and the politics are good, but the story itself wasn’t my favorite.

Average rating: 3

Bird Box was a really great story. I loved that it used all the senses to describe what was happening. HOWEVER, this did not need a sequel. Malorie was such a let-down. The ending of this duology sits in the category of plot convenience and miscommunication. I wish Malerman did not add MAlerie onto the story because it left a lot to be desired.

Average Rating: 4.3

Smile is a 3 book, middle grade, non-fiction graphic novel about the author. Each book is a story from her life. You do not need to read these in order. In Smile, Raina has an accident in her front yard causing her top two teeth to be knocked out and this book follows all the years it took to fix that giant gap in her teeth.

Average Rating: 5

March is another nonfiction graphic novel series. This one follows John Lewis, who was a representative in the US and an activist his entire life. In this series, he goes over many things he did in life to make change in the US.

Average rating: 3.2

Goldie Vance is a mystery graphic novel series. I liked each book less than the previous one. I enjoyed the mystery aspect of this series, but not much else. In book one, she is pining over a girl and we don’t get to see much of that relationship flourish. Her love interest is cut short too often.

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One thought on “All My Finished Series (part 3)

  1. I prefer stand alone books for the most part, I find I enjoy the story more because I know its gonna end soon. I stopped reading city of bone because for some reason I couldn’t deal with the main character.


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