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Summer Releases 2022

Hello readers! Today’s post is about some new books coming out this summer. My Spring version was such a short one, but the summer list is super long. I have a big mix of genres within this list, so let’s just jump right in!

June 21

Riley Sager is an author that I’ve loved and hated in previous books. I haven’t read all of his books, but I’m SUPER hyped for his newest book. I’m hoping to read it ASAP.

This one follows an actress named Casey. She is hiding out in her family’s lake house to avoid some bad press. She decides to people watch her neighbors across the lake, Tom and Katherine. It’s giving me Great Gatsby vibes. Casey saves Katherine from drowning and they become friends. She slowly comes to find that Tom and Katherine’s life is not as glamorous as it may seem.

July 12

This one is a sequel to A Pslam For the Wild-Built. The first book follows a non-binary monk and a robot they meet in the forest. They meet this robot when no one has seen one for CENTURIES.

If you read my post from Monday, the first book in this series is one of my favorite LGBT books and I just read it in April. I cannot wait to get my hands on the sequel!

July 12

I solely added this one onto my Want to Read shelf because I read Tieu’s previous book, The Donut Trap.

This one follows Cadence and Matt. Both of them work for a realty company. Matt asks Cadence to fake date him for a family gathering and they catch feelings, OF COURSE.

July 12

All I know about this one is it’s a retelling of an Edgar Allen Poe story called The Fall of the House of Usher. I automatically added it once hearing that because I a, a big fan of EAP, so I added it.

After reading the synopsis, I thought it sounded like Mexican Gothic, and it turns out that is inspired by Poe, too.

It follows Alex, who finds out their childhood friend is dying. When they go to the house, they find many strange things within the house and the mysterious lake.

July 19

This one follows a woman who is arrested for killing her husband. She has some dark secrets from her past, seemingly involving another murder. I assume through the book we find out all her secrets.

I haven’t read from this author before, but I love a thriller with multiple timelines.

July 21

This is a sequel to Jewell’s book The Family Upstairs. that one follows a girl whose entire family was murdered when she was a baby and she never knew what happened. We also follow her brother as a teen when the murders took place. We journey with the MC to find what happened to her family and this 2nd book investigates the case from decades prior.

I just discovered Jewell a few years ago and consider her to be my favorite thriller author, so I am hyped for this sequel upon release.

July 26

This seems to be a cozy mystery following a woman named Abby who manages an inn. There was a string of murders in the last in the town where she works and it starts up again around the time she gets this job.

Abby finds some sort of evidence of the killer’s identity and she has to question everything she knows about all her coworkers and friends.

August 19

If you are a younger millennial or an older gen z-er, you might be familiar with a show called iCarly from Nickelodeon. The show aired from 2007 to 2012. Jennette McCurdy played the best friend of Carly named Sam. The show started up again in 2021, but I don’t believe McCurdy is on the show. HOWEVER, she did continue to play Sam on a show called Sam and Cat with Ariane Grande reprising her role as Cat from Victorious for one additional year.

This book follows a real-life story of Jennette and how her mom abused her as a child. She forced her into acting to support the family, severely restricted her diet to keep her skinny, and even sexually abused her. She is glad her mom is dead because of all the abuse she endured and once I heard all this, I had to add it to my Want to Read shelf.

August 30

I added this one because Feeney wrote one of my favorite books from 2021, Rock Paper Scissors.

This is one of those mysteries where everyone is trapped on an island and people start dying off one by one. . I don’t think I have read a book like this before, but I’ve seen many movies.

I’m excited no matter the storyline!

August 30

If you’ve been around for a while, this is the 2nd time you’ve seen this book on a new releases list. It was supposed to be published in February, but was pushed back last minute.

Amari and the Night Brothers is about a girl who find a suitcase in her missing brother’s room and it invites her to the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs. She can’t tell anyone about it, not even her Mom.

The police have been refusing to look for her brother because they assume he was a drug dealer. That last book left off on sort of a cliff hanger and I’m itching to see what happens next.

September 13

If you are into any true crime podcasts, you might have heard of a podcast called Morbid. I have been listening to Morbid now since November and am finally (ALMOST) caught up. I know I have less than 20 episodes to go. Alaina is one of the hosts of Morbid and has written a thriller. Alaina is also an autopsy technician, so she knws a thing or two about this topic.

The Butcher and the Wren is a dual POV following a serial killer and a medical examiner. Dr. Wren hasn’t had a case go unsolved in her whole career and is working very hard to catch the serial killer they call the butcher.

September 20

Daphne is an 80’s slasher in a book. I’ve read a few books like this one and I haven’t loved one yet, but I’m still hopeful. This one does have a unique twist, Daphne is a female version of Freddie from A Nightmare on Elm Street.

I’m not going to keep my hopes too high, but I think this one might be really good.

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