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All My Finished Series (PART 4)

Hello readers! It is now July. I posted the first 3 parts of this a few months ago and I wanted to wait to finish a few more series before posting this one. For now, this will be the last one to post, until I finish a bunch of new series. Enjoy!

AVG rating: 5 stars

Orange was a five-book manga series I read last year. It tugged on my heart strings from page one and I loved reading it.

It is about a girl named Naho who gets a letter from her future self telling her that her new friend Kakeru will die and she can prevent it happening.

AVG rating: 4

Tea Dragon Society is a middle grade, graphic novel series about people who take care of tea dragons. These are animals who grow leaves on their horns, which can be made into tea.

These are some cute, short books for people of any age. They are very diverse with cute storylines. If you are interested, just try one out!

AVG rating: 3.78

Lumberjanes is another graphic novel series. I think it could be considerd YA or middle grade. This series follows 5 girls at a camp for the summer. I finished the last one on the last day of 2021, just to get one more series in!

My biggest peeve here is the art style. I LOVED the original art style, but it changes almost every book and sometimes within each book. Sometimes characters would be really short or tall and then the next artist writes those two characters as the same height. I wish they could’ve stuck to just one artist.

AVG rating: 4.1

The Beachfront Bakery series follows Allison Sweet. Her long-term boyfriend breaks up with her and she gets fired from her job. So, she moves to a new town, opens up her own bakery.

The series itself is a self-pubbed cozy mystery, so she bakes and solves murders. I loved this series, but really hated the ending to it! We finally got what we were waiting for in book 6 and then it was over! I was a little salty that the author did me like that.

AVG rating: 3.75

The Descendents series took me way to long to get through. HOWEVER, I read the books fast once I did start them. I love seeing books like this really take older stories and give them a new spin. Descendents follows four kids of Disney villains, all of which are trapped on The ISle of the Lost. This island riddled with all villains, but four kids get to leave and have the opportunity to become good.

AVG rating: 3.5

The Doll People follows a family of porcelain dolls that have been owned by 4 generations of girls from the same family. In book one, Annabelle hasn’t been outside of her dollhouse her entire life (unless the child who owns them puts her outside). She is having mid-life crisis of sorts and wants to go exploring around the house. In each book, Annabelle and her friend Tiffany go on many misadventures and have to try not to get caught by the humans.

I’m so happy Hoopla finally got the last book in this series. I am not 100% sure that the series is done, but I think it is.

This is a fantasy romance series involving Disney heroines and their respective villains. There is a TON of smut in these books and a bit of BDSM and poly relationships. This is a crazy series, the plots are not strong, but I’m happy to have read them.

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