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June & July Wrap Up 2022

Hello readers! Today we are talking about all the books I read in June and July. I have been trying to post on here more, but WordPress keeps glitching on me lately. I did this post earlier in the month and half of it got deleted somehow, but that has happened to me a lot lately. Without any further babble, let’s get right into it!


To say I was excited for this book to come out is an understatement. Unlike most, I really loved Sager’s last book. However, this one fell short for me.

This book is very similar to The Woman in the Window. Both follow a woman, who happens to be an alcoholic, that watches their neighbors. They both witness something they probably shouldn’t and do things that are pretty stupid.

This book did too many things in one. Once we got to the twist, the book lost me. I was on board, as slow as the book was, until the twist. THEN, the second twist was worse.


Crazy Stupid Bromance is the third book in the Bromance Book Club series. This one follows best friends Noah and Alexis. This is my personal favorite of the series. Both MCs lost a parent at a really young age, which I can relate to. I think the grief of both MCs mixed with the cat cafe and what it does just sold it for me. Please try this series if you haven’t already because it is so good.


The last book of June follows two NB kids who have a history project at school for a local statue. They realize most statues in Staten Island are of straight, white me. This inspires them to find someone to write about that is a woman, but also queer.

Alice Austen was a queer photographer who lived in Staten Island in the early 1900s. The two MCs enter the contest to get her the statue she deserves.


Gallant is one of the books I tried to get an ARC of early in 2022 and I’m so glad I didn’t get it.

This one follows an orphaned girl named Olivia who only has a single journal to connect her to her mother. She has nothing of her father’s and doesn’t even know their names.

When she is a teen, she gets a letter from an uncle to come live with him and the family. However, when she arrives, the uncle is dead, no one is expecting her, and they want her to leave. This family has a gift of seeing ghosts of some sort.

I didn’t end up finishing this book, but I made it almost all the way. I just felt like nothing was happening and the MC was plain as paper. Nothing intrigued me to keep going, so I just put it down.


Omar Rising is sort of a sequel to Amal Unbound. It follows Omar, who makes a brief appearance in Amal Unbound saying he will be going to this all-expenses-paid boarding school.

Once Amal gets there, he is treated differently than the kids whose parents paid. He is made to clean and get much higher grades than the other boys. He wants to stay to make his own and his mother’s life much better, but it won’t be easy.


This is the sequel to A Psalm for the Wild-Built. The first book follows a NB monk, who is feeling bored with their life. They are a tea monk, which basically travels all over and makes people tea while trying to help them talk through their problems.

Centuries before, all robots became sentient and left humans behind, so there is very minimal technology. The monk happens to run into a robot, the first a human has seen since they left, and they become friends.


Queen Takes Rose is the final book in the Wicked Villains series. It follows Aurura and Meleficent, here known as Malone.

If you like smut, these books are for you. HOWEVER, if you prefer a bit of a plot, these books will leave you hanging. This one was just okay for me. It was far from the best or the worst in the series, but I’m happy to have another series done!


I find this one so hard to rate, but I’m sticking with 3 stars. I really loved seeing more of Vlad (The Russian) in this one. I thought he was a severely underdeveloped character in the previous books. All we knew about him was that he was Russian, kind of weird, and may or may not have been lying about having a wife. However, we got to see so much more of him and really fall in love with his character as much as the other members of the club.
However, a big problem for me was Elena. I couldn’t stand her from the moment we finally met her. This book was sort of a 2nd chance romance mixed with the miscommunication trope. This is the first time I’ve read one of these books and not liked a character we are supposed to like even in the slightest. Every time something happened between them, I was thinking Vlad deserves this and deserves to be happy, but Elena does not deserve him AT ALL.
I also thought the chapters after 24 were kind of redundant. The author kind of randomly added something to divide them as if they weren’t divided enough through the entire book thus far. It didn’t need to happen.
In conclusion, I really loved Vlad, his story, and all of his happiness, I just wish it came from someone else. I CANNOT wait for the next book in this series. Elena has nowhere near ruined the series for me, I just hope we see her a lot less in the next one.


Sound of Thunder is a VERY short story that I read in school and randomly decided to find online and read again. I remembered a lot, but forgot some of the story, and I’m so happy to have read it again.

In short, it follows a small group of people who go back in time to hunt dinosaurs. There is this big company that does this and makes sure everything is perfect until it isn’t.

If you are interested, this one is available on Spotify! The podcast I listened to it is called 1001 Classic Short Stories & Tales. Spotify has a lot of audiobooks for free. This sounds like an ad, but I promise it isn’t!

⭐⭐⭐⭐ (both)

Edgar Allan Poe is an author that I really love. I heard about this retelling coming out and I had to read the original first. I have read a lot of his stories, but I hadn’t read this one before.

Both of these stories are creepy and page-turning. What Moves the Dead is a retelling without being too similar. It’s creepy and gross and unputdownable for sure. If you hate body horror (which I do) I think you should proceed with caution. I usually don’t enjoy weird horror, but for some reason, I was sold with this one. I need more of this author in my life! I love when an author’s writing puts you in the story and makes you feel like you are there seeing and feeling everything.

To Be Taught If Fortunate follows this group of 4 astronauts on a mission to see if this planet is habitable for humans.

I am reading WAY out of my comfort zone this year and it is paying off for sure. This book is set on a spaceship and is about space, which are things I usually don’t gravitate toward, yet this was my favorite book of the month. The ending was a bit open-ended, but it had me on the brink of tears. I hope we see these characters again because the book wasn’t long enough.

THis is the 8th book in the Shopaholic series and was originally the very last one. The author has since written a Christmas-related book, so I have one more to go! This is probably my favorite one of the series because there was some character development that didn’t exist in any of the other books.

I really wish we got to see this version of Becky in the previous books, but I still get this version in the next one.

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