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September & Bookoplathon TBR

Hello readers! The post for today is all about my TBR for September, mostly through Bookoplathon. I can’t pass up a good readathon. There hasn’t been a lot in 2022 that I’m interested in. I chose to do 6 rolls for this round and I will roll as I go after that.

If you would like to watch the announcement video CLICK HERE.

Roll #1 ⚄⚅ Buildings

Flight of the Puffin is a hard-hitting middle-grade. This one follows many different kids who just want to choose their own paths and the things that stand in their way.

This author also wrote The Benefits of Being an Octopus, which I read earlier this year and really enjoyed. I love hard-hitting middle-grade books, so I know this one will be no different.

Roll #2 ⚁⚀ Poll Pick

Beasts and Beauty is a series of retellings of classic fairy tales. This author previously wrote The School for Good and Evil series, which I started a really long time ago, but haven’t read in a long time.

I’ve been reading more and more short stories in 2022 and I’m hoping for the best.

Roll #3 ⚅⚂ random EMOJI generator 💆

That head massage emoji almost got me. I am interpreting it as a comforting book. What is more comforting than a romance? I chose Circling back to you for this prompt because I liked the author’s previous book, The Donut Trap, and it was on my list of summer releases I’m excited to read.

I know this one is about two co-workers that become friends and the guy, Matt, as the girl, Cadence, to fake being his girlfriend for a family trip. His family is always complaining that he hasn’t settled down.

Roll #4 ⚅⚅ Community Shelf – continue a series

It’s almost the time of year again that the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series gets a new book and I haven’t read the one from last year. I don’t own this one just yet, but my daughter does. I’m going to steal her copy for a few hours and read through it.

I started reading these books over a decade ago and I don’t plan on stopping until the author does!

Roll #5 ⚂⚄ Most Recent

My husband bought me this book earlier in the year. I THINK it was the last book to enter my library. I LOVE Ghost Adventures and happened to see this book at the bookstore. The first time I saw it, I left it, but it was still there the next time, so I got it.

This book involves his exploration of the most haunted places in the world. Part of this story takes place in my state (INDIANA), and I’m excited about that in particular.

Roll #6 ⚅⚁ People on cover

I know, I know. This is a Christmas book and it’s September, but I can’t wait to finish this series! Before being in the book community, I don’t think I would’ve cared when a book took place. I never have time to read in December, so waiting for that time would be silly for me.

You guys, I have been reading this series since 2019 and it’s time for me to get it over with. I have so many other Kinsella books I want to read and this one is in my way.

Roll #7 ⚁⚁ Dice Roulette (8)

The Family Remains is the sequel to The Family Upstairs. I didn’t know it was going to have a sequel when I read book 1, but I am excited to try this one.

The Family Upstairs follows 25-year-old Libby. Her entire family was murdred when she was a baby and it has remained unsolved. Once she finds out about the case, she goes back and tries to solve the mystery.

Roll #8 ⚂⚁ SUMMER

I literally chose this book for the prompt of Summer because it has Summer in the title. I have no idea what time of year this takes place in, but the cover is giving fall vibes (in my opinion).

I know this one follows this hitman who’s infamous for never being seen. This will be his last hit and this time everything goes wrong. It sounds really different from anything I’ve read from King and I’m hoping to love it. I haven’t enjoyed most of his newest works that I’ve read.

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