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Tropes I Love

Hello readers! Today’s post is all about tropes I love. I have done this post before, but it was more than a year ago. If I can think of specific books with these tropes that I’ve read, I will include pics of them below the trope name (UNLESS it’s a spoiler). Please let me know if you guys want to see me do this post, but for movies and TV shows. I can think of some examples for almost every trope here. LASTLY, if you have any suggestions for books with any of these tropes (preferably multiple) let me know so I can add them to my reading list.

The Sibling Bond

I LOVE seeing strong sibling bonds! I think this stems from being an only child. There is a big part of life that I missed by having no siblings and I love to see those bonds on paper. I get to see what it could’ve been like for me.

Foodie Trope

This is one of my absolute favorites. If I see a romance or cozy mystery book centers around food, I’m picking it up. The best scenes happen when baked goods are in the room! Something about pastries just makes the vibe of the book better.

The MC was dead the whole time

This trope and the next one are probably my all-time favorite. I LOVE when we find out at the end of a movie, book, or TV show that the MC was dead the whole time. Most of the time they forgot their death and are in purgatory or are walking around their house as a ghost. HOWEVER, this trope is a spoiler and just wouldn’t be the same if you knew it in advance.

The MC is a bad guy

This one is another spoiler, so there wont be any examples. I’ve only seen this done a few times, but it is the best when even the MC doesn’t know. One common example, without saying a title, is when the MC is a soldier. They are told how the opposing side is the initiator of the war. The opposing side kills our MC’s kind and has no redeeming qualities. Later in the story, the MC will find out all they have been told is a total lie and they are on the bad guy’s side.

Unbroken Broken Family

I’m not sure what this trope is actually called. HOWEVER, I’m not talking about the found family trope. I’m talking about families who are broken, but they make it work. The family could have divorce, step siblings or parents, dead family members, adoption, etc. and the family somehow gets along and love one another so much.

Divorced families are much more common and they don’t always have to be dysfunctional. Those families can find peace and happiness despite not being conventional. Their world could be crumbling around them, but they have each other. Below are a few books which have this trope and I think that aspect is done perfectly.

The Love Triangle

One of my favorite aspects of books is the drama. I think this is why I really love to see these love triangles. They obviously can be done really well and really badly. When it is done well and we are rooting for both love interests, I’ll be on the edge of my seat waiting to see who the person chooses. Why don’t they ever choose both?

The Pure Evil Female Villain

There is such a big difference between male and female villains in media and I don’t understand why. The female villain is always a bitter, older woman who was betrayed once in their life and made that their whole personality. I can’t stand that stuff.

I love to see the female villains that are pure evil just because they like it. The male villains get to be evil for no reason! I hate seeing the jealous step-mom or the bitter woman. Give me ladies who are evil for evils sake.


A game aspect is always fun in a book, but my favorite is trials. I know trials are somewhat of a cliche and a lot of people are tired of it. However, I am not and won’t be any day soon. I have so many examples for games and trials, but I’ll try to restrain myself. Let me know if you love either trope and want to see more recommendations.

Entire Life in One Book/Series

I haven’t read this trope that many times, but I love to see a character’s entire life or a long period of it. I just get so attached to my favorite characters and love to experience as much of their life as I can.

Snarky Characters

Snarky, smart-ass characters are the absolute best. I especially love the sass between the MC and their love interest or the snarky best friend.

Enemies to Friends

I know everyone loves that enemies-to-lovers trope and I do too! The enemies to friends trope is (almost) as good. This trope starts with a villain or bully early on in a series who becomes really good friends with the main character.

Sentinal Robots

I only recently realized how much I love robot and cyborg characters this year while exploring scifi more. I prefer scifi where a robot character is involved somewhere. I think that robot characters are relatable because they see the world differently than regular humans. I see the world differently than regular humans because I’m autistic.

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