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August Wrap Up 2022

Hello readers! Today’s post is a wrap-up of all the books I read in August. I had an excellent reading month. I rated most of the books I read 5-stars. I’m not sure how that happened, but I can’t complain! I read 10 books this month and only gave a bad rating to one of them.


Vinyl Moon follows Angel. She has moved to a new town after being the victim of domestic violence by her boyfriend. This poor girl thinks the abuse she endured is all her fault and she is terrified of everyone finding out. She has to start all over with new friends, a new town, and this guilt she is holding.

I think this book is wonderful and realistic. So many people never leave their abusers because they feel bad for them and feel guilt for upsetting them. I hate that she had to restart her life for what he did to her!


I somehow managed to get this book only a few days after launch from my library. This story was heart-wrenching. This one follows the author Jennette as a small child all the way into adulthood. She was the victim of her mom’s emotional and sexual abuse. Her mom introduced her to eating disorders and forced her into acting for her entire childhood.

If you read this book, you’d be glad her mom died, too. She would probably be spiraling downward to this day if her mom didn’t die. She was so controlling and abusive, even in Jennette’s adulthood.

Make sure to check all the triggers for this book before reading because it’s not an easy one to get through. At the bottom of every post, I have a link to a Goodreads user that posts trigger warnings where their review would go of a book, if you are interested in adding them for all your trigger warning needs.


Exhalation is a collection of short stories and was pitched to me as a book to read if you like Black Mirror. I do see the similarities, but Black Mirror is much more messed up! I’m not complaining though, I really did enjoy this one from beginning to end. 9 unique stories and none of them are duds.


This was the only book I read this month that I genuinely didn’t like. This one follows 4 women exploring this place called Area X. It is a place where plants have taken over and they have to map this terrain. The problem is they are the 12th group to be sent there and the last ones to be sent there all died of cancer. There is some suspicious things happening with the plants and even some brainwashing happening. I just thought it was a bit dull for my taste. I think it was the characters for me. I found myself just reading to get through it, not to enjoy the story.


Metamorphosis follows a man named Gregor who wakes up as a giant bug and how that affects his father, mother, and his teen sister, who he is the main bread-winner for.

I read this one back in college and just randomly decided to pick it up again. I loved it then and still do. I was taking this World Literature class at the time. Gregor had so much put on him for this family and his inability to work any long really made the whole family realize they were capable of taking care of themselves. I feel as though there are infinite interpretations of this work and all you have to do is read it to find out yours.

It has been way too long since I binged a series! It must have been more than a decade since I’ve done it.

This series follows a girl named Everly Swan. She moves back to her hometown after a breakup and opens a tea shop named Sun, Sand, and Tea. She sells 20 types of cold, sweet tea at all times, but also makes food and desserts.

As any typical MC of a cozy mystery series, she always finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. She finds a dead body, is accused of killing the person, and then helps to solve the crime while the police tell her not to. I just love this series! I have 2 books to go and will be getting to them in early September.

What was your favorite book of August?

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