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Autumnal Unhaul

Hello readers! Today is my first unhaul of 2022. I don’t unhaul books often, but I just had a feeling lately that I needed to get rid of some books. Unhauling books is almost more satisfying than hauling them.

I have 14 books to unhaul today. I think most of you will be surprised to see the books on this list because almost half are unread books. I had to really be honest with myself about reading them and I honestly can get these on Libby, Hoopla, Scribd, or at my library.

It physically pains me to get rid of this series. I mean, LOOK AT THESE COVERS! However, a great cover can’t be a reason to keep a book. I did read book one over a year ago and I have never had the urge to pick up the rest of the series. I don’t even remember book 1 at all. As beautiful as the books are, they are just taking up space on my shelves and, like most, I have limited space.

I just finished Kafka on the Shore and am unhauling it because I really hated it. I don’t keep a habit of leaving books on my shelf that I don’t like. I assume most people feel the same.

Murakami is just not for me and he doesn’t need to be on my selves anymore.

I bought The Good Son about two years ago and I have just lost interest. I just have a lot of worries about this book. I feel like it’s going to be one of those books that have the mental illness twist. I know a bit about the culture in S Korea and I don’t want to read this and get angry at it.

Most reviews I’ve seen say it is predictable and not that great. I might read it one day in audio format, but I doubt it.

I have read 3 1/2 of these books and I just don’t love this world. The Shadow and Bone series was a bit overhyped to me. I know so many people love these books, but I just don’t. I’ve tried reading Six of Crows so many times and I just couldn’t get into it. I’m done forcing myself through this series when I can read something else that I know I’ll enjoy.

I bought this graphic novel from my local library and almost immediately read it. It was just okay for me. I think it could’ve benefitted by being longer or being in a series. If this were in a series, I’d keep reading. However, the characters were just flat and had no opportunity to grow more by the end. It just left a lot to be desired, so I just want to unhaul it.

I’m not sure how I still have this book because I did unhaul it in my last unhaul. I didn’t really enjoy this book and I’m not sure what made me put it back on my shelf after unhauling it a year ago.

When I read book one, I was super excited to get to the rest. I really loved it upon reading it. However, I just don’t think I’ll read the rest anymore. It never calls to me and I skip over it when making middle grade TBRs.

My middle grade shelves are overflowing and I don’t need anything taking up extra space.

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