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Autumn New Releases 2022

Hello readers! Today’s post is all about the books coming out this fall that I’m excited to read ASAP. I’ve been doing well in 2022 by actually reading the books on these lists. I did not do that in 2021! I don’t have many for this season, but there is a few I’m excited to pick up as soon as they are published. In the end, a shorter list will be more obtainable!

September 27th

This is a gothic horror about vampires. We follow Marion who takes a job as a bloodmaid. Countess Lisavet takes special interest in our MC and she notices those who do with the favor of the Countess commonly go missing.

I read this author’s debut novel and will read anything else she writes. I am so ready for vampires to make a comeback. Back in high school, I almost exclusively read vampire books and I miss it.

October 18th

Keep it in the family is John Marr’s newest book following a newly pregnant woman and her husband. They move into this new home and find it has a lot of hidden secrets.

I wish I had a copy of this right now. I might try to see if its on NetGalley because I am that excited to get my hands on this book. If not, I will get is ASAP after published.

November 1st

A Very Merry Bromance is the 5th book in the Bromance Book Club series and (I believe) the last one in the main storyline. After this, the author plans to write the books that are discussed in the books.

I am HYPED for this book. I didn’t love the 4th book in the series, but this series overall is one of my favorites I’ve ever read.

November 15th

To say I have been waiting a long time for this book to be released is an understatement. I read Lang’s previous book in 2019 and soon after added this one to my Want to Read shelf. At the time, this book didn’t have a cover, title, or synopsis.

This one follows two sisters. One with the power to see the future and the other can see other people’s memories. They go on a journey to find their missing mother and use their abilities to do so.

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