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Reading Habits Book Tag

Hello readers! I have another tag post for y’all today. I made a big list of tags I want to do, so they will become a regular occurrence on my blog again. I am absolutely getting back into blogging and reading after 10 months of slumping.

This tag was originally created by a Booktuber named The Book Jazz, but they no longer exist on YouTube. Some of the questions were added on by a blogger named Jenniely, CLICK HERE to see their version.

Do you have a certain place at home for reading?

I am usually reading on my couch, on my bed, or rarely at the kitchen table. However, I do all sorts of things while listening to audiobooks.

Bookmark or random piece of paper?

To be honest, anything can be a bookmark! I would prefer a bookmark, but I will use whatever is closest. For example, a protein bar wrapper, a piece of paper, mail, my phone, you name it.

Can you just stop reading or do you have to stop after a chapter/certain amount of pages?

I always try to end at chapters. Sometimes I will give myself a goal to reach a certain number of pages for the day. I don’t like to spend too many days on the same book, but I don’t always make goals like that.

Do you drink or eat while reading?

I’m not against drinking or eating while reading, but I don’t really do it. If I get hungry I’ll just stop reading and eat. I always watch Tik Tok with my breakfast and have dinner with my family. I always have a drink on me, so I might do that while reading sometimes.

Multitasking: Music or TV while reading?

I don’t listen do either of these things. Sometimes I will read while my husband watches TV. Music would be too distracting for me. If I’m listening to an audiobook, I’ll play a game like Animal Crossing or Skyrim while listening. For physical books, I like to listen to ASMR on Tik Tok.

I just discovered the wonderful world of ASMR in 2022 and I wish I would’ve started sooner. I have some horrible anxiety and it does help.

One book at a time or several at once?

I do like to have multiple going at once if one of the books I’m reading is very dense. I’ll read one in the morning hours and one in the evening hours. Usually, that would be hefty nonfiction, but nowadays can be a big book of any sort.

Reading at home or everywhere?

I am a firm believer that anywhere can be a potential reading spot! I can always have a book with me. Most books won’t fit in my backpack purse, but I do have my phone and a Kindle that can go anywhere.

Reading out loud or silently in your head?

I don’t like reading out loud. I can’t read as fast with my mouth as I can with my eyes. As a book lover of almost 2 decades, I can read really fast. It’s different if I’m reading to someone, but 99% of the time I’m reading in my head.

Do you read ahead or even skip pages?

I am so bad at reading ahead or looking up spoilers. If I’m reading a book and I think a character I love might die, I will look it up and find out. I just read Ready Player One and there is a character who doesn’t want the MC to know what they look like for some reason and I was so curious I just found it on Google.

I don’t like having books spoiled for me, but I do look up spoilers sometimes because the anticipation stresses me out sometimes. PLEASE, let me know if you do the same! I can’t be the only one.

Breaking the spine or keeping it like new?

I don’t mind buying books used that have broken spines, but I will go out of my way not to break the spines. I have these really old copies of Lord of the Rings and I never want to read those copies because I’m afraid I’ll damage the spines. These copies were published in the 70s and I can’t bear the thought of breaking them. I have considered getting another set of the series that I can read physically.

Do you write in your books?

Absolutely not! I do have tabs to annotate them and I might write on the tab itself, but never in the book itself.

When do you find yourself reading?

All the time. Every time I am doing something I think about how I could be reading. I can be cooking or doing things around the house and listening to a book. I can listen to a book while I play a game. Sometimes I even listen to books while I write these posts. I am a chronic multitasker and am always doing two things at once.

For instance, I am catching up on season 12 of Masterchef while writing this. I am always listening to or watching something.

What is your best setting to read in?

I prefer to reading on the couch next to my husband while he is watching TV. I don’t do this often, but I can concentrate on my reading best in that setting.

What do you do first – read or watch?

This may be an unpopular opinion, but I really hate reading a book first. If I read a book and love it, every little change in the adaptation is going to upset me. It really takes the joy right out of watching it for me. HOWEVER, if I watch first, I can see all the changes and appreciate the differences. I feel like reading after watching adds details to a story I already love instead of watching an adaptation that won’t be anywhere near as good.

What form do you prefer? Audio, Ebook, or Physical?

I go through phases, but mostly I have been listening to books in the past few years. I really started listening to audiobooks in 2019 and my reading has improved so much since. I love physical books from time to time, but audio is much better for me personally. When it comes to ebooks, I really only read ARCS or manga/graphic novels in that way. I do like ebooks, but they are my least favorite. I got my first Kindle in 2013 and I read almost exclusively ebooks for a few years after.

Do you have a unique habit while reading?

I have mentioned this a few times, but I am a lazy reader. I am autistic and have ADHD, so it is hard for me to concentrate on one thing at a time. I might want to read, but my brain wants to watch YouTube. So, I will set a page goal, either 10 pages or a chapter, then watch a video. This makes reading books so much easier and faster for me. I can do two things at once.

Do book series have to match?

Not at all. Sometimes I will want them to match, like my ACOTAR set. I waited so long to get ACOSF because it wasn’t in paperback and I wanted it to match my current set. However, most my series do not match unless I bought them in a box set.

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