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Series I Started in 2022: Blogmas Day 2

Hello readers! Today’s post is about the series I started in 2022 and whether I continued, will continue, or if I’m done with the series. I did pretty well this year with not starting too many series. Last year I started 20 series or something insane and I tried to be more mindful in 2022 because that was insane.

I currently own 3 books in this series, but I only read 1 this year. Click follows Olive who is having trouble with her friends at school. As everyone gets older, they form cliques. She has 2 friends that she is close to, but she is friends with everyone. She doesn’t want to be confined to one friend group.

Everyone in her grade has to put on some sort of talent for the school’s talent show and no one will partner with her. She has to find a talent and sort of find her place in this school.

Skyward follows Spensa. She is the daughter of a former pilot in this space military who went rogue before his death. She wants to be a pilot, too, but she is the daughter of a known traitor, so no one wants her at this military school.

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy follows a man and an alien who hitchhike through the galaxy after Earth is blown up by a spaceship.

This is the first one that I don’t think I’ll continue. It wasn’t bad or anything, but was just okay for me. Knowing this is a 6-book series, I just know I wont make it to the end, even if I picked up book 2.

The Monk and Robot series follows a nonbinary Monk and a robot the monk meets in the woods. In this world, machines became sentient decades before and walked away from humans.

I’ve read both books in this series and have no clue how many there will be, but I am here to read as many as she writes. If you love a heavily character-driven story, give this one a try!

The Wild Robot follows Roz. A robot from this ship crashed on an island. It gets turned on and makes its life with the animals and even adopts one. I really loved this story, but I tried book 2 and just didn’t like it as much.

I will not be continuing with this series, but I really loved book one. It couldv’e been a standalone, in my opinion.

The Seaside Cafe Mystery series follows Everly Swan. She had a recent breakup and as a result moves back to her hometown, opening a tea shop. As any cozy mystery, there is a death in each book, and Everly pushes to solve it, even though the police don’t want her to.

I’m not gonna lie, I read all 7 books in less than 2 weeks. I was just too invested. I haven’t read that many cozy mystery books, but this is the first one I’ve read that had really good characters. I was so invested in Everly’s life and her entire small town. I wish this series were longer! I miss all the characters and hope the author might write another book one day.

The Bonnie and Clyde series is a cozy mystery following a woman named Bonnie who owns a boutique that sells used dresses and her cat Clyde.

This is the same author as the previous series, but with a different name. I don’t love this one quite as much as the other one, but I did binge through as many books as I could get my hands on. Cozy mysteries are just so unputdownable!

Ready Player One follows Wade Watts in this dystopia where they have virtual worlds that everyone uses. You can do just about anything there including attending school. The creator of this place, called the Oasis, is now dead. However, he left many clues for Oasis users to solve and our MC comes across one, and it changes everything.

I really enjoyed both books in this series. I do love 80s movies, so I did get a ton of the references in the books. I am very tired of that autistic savant trope, though. Not only is the creator one and so is the main character.

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